bronze package

The package is suitable for companies that have servers and related hardware.

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Bronze package
features Description:
server-virtualization Server virtualization with ESXi and Vcenter
Domain Management (DC) dedicated domain for Metric along with all settings and configurations according to customer policies
VoIP server The latest version of the Isabel VoIP system with all the features and facilities and configuration according to the customer’s policies – this system has all the VoIP features and the customer does not need to pay extra to benefit from the new features, with the ability to support lines 4 and 5 digits and support for normal copper telephone lines
UTM server The latest version of Creo without user restrictions and with all the features with a lifetime license – the ability to use several internet links at the same time (load balancer and fill-in) – internal network management – a very powerful firewall – user internet accounting and the application of all management policies and monitoring the network, internet and users
FAX server A dedicated digital fax server, eliminates the need for a fax machine and its problems. With this system, you can send and receive faxes through your computer and fax any document (WORD, EXCEL, JPG, PDF,…)
Information backup system A powerful backup system that can back up all the files and information and the operating systems of your entire network and store them on the special hard drives available in these servers (with the ability to upgrade) and has a high fault tolerance. This means that even if a hard disk burns, no information will be lost.
Monitoring system A system for monitoring the performance of servers and network equipment to announce problems before they occur, for example, the computer storage space is filling up, or to fully report the problems that occur.

Bronze Package description:

  • Time required for installation: 10 working days
  • Suitable for: all small collections, companies, startups, factories
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