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Rahaco is ready to hire a graphic designer on a full-time, part-time and project basis. Important factors in hiring a graphic designer in Rahaco are creativity, interest in learning and progress, punctuality and teamwork spirit!

The art of graphic design

Graphic design is the art of visual communication or image communication, which is formed by the combination of images, words and ideas to convey information to the audience and have a certain impact on them.
The process of graphic design is visual communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration.
A graphic designer creates and combines symbols, images, and text.
Graphic design is a general term for a profession that consists of letter design, illustration, photography and printing in order to provide information or education.
Designers who specialize in designing visual identity graphics collaborate with brand owners.
to create assets such as logos, typography, color palettes and image libraries that represent a brand’s personality.
In addition to standard business cards, designers usually develop a set of visual brand guidelines (style guides) that describe best practices.

Who is the graphic partner?

One of the requirements of a graphic designer is to have creativity and ideas. The graphic artist communicates with his audience with the help of images and attracts them. For this reason, he is always implementing the idea with the help of image forms and his ideas are implemented during the design. Ideas and thoughts are generated during the design process, during which the graphic designer researches, organizes, and interprets information. It determines the goal, invents ideas and creates a new image and image. The importance of the designer job position is to display the company’s goals in a visually attractive way to present to the audience, and this job is known as a specialized science. In fact, the graphic colleague is considered a visual interface between our company and the audience and can be used as a powerful tool for providing information or training. A very important and influential issue of a satisfaction plan and the amount of impact that an article with any dimensions and any topic has on the audience is considered, and it has a direct relationship with the image quality of the content. Graphics is an art whose main elements are drawing and mapping. This discipline is considered a subset of visual communication design.

Graphic designer applications

Graphical tools

The graphic designer always faces many graphic resources and tools. Some of the graphic tools are as follows:

Photoshop software is a professional editor that works based on pixels. It is a tool for correct color recognition and simple image change by light.

Illustrator software is a powerful tool for vector design and editing.
This graphic software is available to designers with tools to create vector and graphic effects along with brushes.

Curl is a professional design software. It is vector and works based on vector.
With its unique facilities for editing images and working with fonts, its professional graphic design and website design tools, you can increase your creativity in the field of design.

InDesign is a graphic software that is mostly used in the printing and page layout industry.
This software is mostly used in the preparation of magazines, books, deadlines, advertising brochures, etc.

3D Max is a professional 3D computer graphics software used to create teasers and games and 3D images.

Maya is also a widely used software in 3D designs and animation and creating special visual effects, which is also used in filmmaking, animation production and computer games.

Defamation is one of the two-dimensional graphics software that is used to create special visual effects and produce credits in cinemas.
The mentioned graphic software is only a small part of the big world of graphic software.
Lightroom, Gimp, and Inkscape are other graphic tools.

The list mentioned are among the most widely used graphic software, but software such as Lightroom, Gimp, and Inkscape are also tools that are used for design.

What is the most interesting branch of graphics?

It seems that the most interesting branch of the graphic field is illustration. Every company is always trying to be in a better position than its competitors.
The correct use of graphic and attractive images in business advertisements is considered one of the winning tools to gain the right position.
In Rahaco, we need the art and creativity of designers to succeed in this challenge and provide the best products and services.
Our unique knowledge in manufacturing and offering products is very clear. Therefore,
, what is considered important to us is a graphic designer to introduce these specialized concepts in a simple and tangible language with the help of graphic tools for a beautiful and eye-catching audience.
The graphic designer at Raha Company is responsible for creating graphic designs as well as arranging and editing them in line with the promotional and educational goals of the company.
If you are also interested in graphics, Rahaco is eager to cooperate and interact with you.

Applications of graphic design

Design in the specialized sense includes various concepts and applications, so it is not possible to express all its aspects with a specific definition.
Common applications of graphic design include identity (logos and branding), publications (magazines, newspapers and books), print advertisements, posters, billboards, website graphics and elements, signage and product packaging.
For example, product packaging may include a logo or other artwork, organized text, and pure design elements such as photos, shapes, and color that form the unified structure of the piece.

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