Cooperation terms and conditions in the sale of Aster:

  1. All natural and legal persons who have successfully registered in the panel (their panel has been approved by the representative’s affairs management and their panel has been activated) are henceforth called coworkers.
  2. Coworkers are not allowed to share their collaboration panel with others.
  3. Coworkers are not allowed to provide customers with more or less conditions than what is listed on the product page at, including warranty, etc.
  4. Associates are not allowed to include a discount of more than 5% from their discount percentage for the final customer, except by obtaining written approval from the management of Rahaco representatives.
  5. Colleagues can request Aster installation and commissioning for free and remotely for themselves or customers from the support unit.
  6. The sale through the system is a final sale, and considering the fact that the serial issued for the software cannot be changed or returned, it is not possible to cancel or return it.
  7. Volume purchase can create a higher profit margin for coworkers, to benefit from a higher profit margin for purchases of more than 20 licenses, contact the representatives’ affairs management.
  8. Coworkers are required to master the technical items before installation according to the information included on the product page.
  9. Coworkers can also benefit from the special conditions of non-cash purchases according to the discretion of the financial section of the company.
  10. Coworkers can ask the technical section to install the software at the customer’s place by accepting the costs of transportation.
  11. To obtain the rules of cooperation, please call 02154521.
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