Distance education and virtual classroom

Distance education, as the name suggests, is an educational process in which the teacher and student are geographically distant from each other. And because of this distance, they cannot have face-to-face interaction with each other. This distance education has been customary since the time of paper letters, through which professors perform the process of teaching their students as well as the appropriate educational content of students through letter writing.

This process entered a new stage with the advent of the telephone (voice communication). Later, with the advent of the Internet and the spread of e-mail and online databases (websites), it took a digital smack. And then, with the introduction of communication software on the Internet, such as Yahoo Messenger, it became closer to its present form. But today, “the enemy (covid-19) caused good” that is, during the corona pandemic and due to the high demand and the ever-increasing need of the society, the virtual classroom tool went through its maturity stages quickly.

Companies and educational groups that were forced to continue their activities in the form of remote work and virtual classroom during Corona. became familiar with the advantages and productivity of this remote process, so that even after leaving the quarantine, many companies such as: Facebook and Google and many universities also decided to continue large parts of their activities remotely.

But what were the reasons for this “distance” choice in the field of education:

In one sentence: much more productivity

But in the following, we will examine the types of parameters that led to this attractive result, i.e., more productivity:

If we look at prominent universities in the world or even in Iran, we will find that the number of students of that university has a direct relationship with the geographical radius of that university. That is, the closer a region is to that university, the more students it has in proportion to the population. For example, Tehran or Sharif University students do not follow the population ratio of Tehran to the Iran, and are more than the population ratio

Or, for example, a well-known university in Britain has more British students than French students, while France and Britain population is almost equal. But with the emergence and maturity of online education classes, geography will lose its influence, and all students will have an equal opportunity to access the best educational centers or the best professors.

In the study of the education process, people with disability have always been neglected, and they had more difficult conditions in accessing face-to-face classes. It has been paid less attention by educational policymakers, that by using this technology, there is no longer any difference between these students and those without disabilities.

That is, there is no difference in viewing the screen and taking advantage of a completely interactive virtual class with people without disabilities, it is worth mentioning that this group of people according to statistics, had a more favorable outcome in education, that is, where they have an equal opportunity with other people without disabilities, they have appeared so prosperous and this is the example of much higher productivity.

Since the prominent educational centers are often located in the main cities of each country and the cost of living in these cities is higher compared to other cities. It will be added to the cost of his education. (For example, the cost of settling in Tehran for a native student with an income commensurate with his own city will be added to his education cost. As a result, the cost of education for non-native students is much higher than the cost of native students, who do not pay for the establishment), and with the help of this advanced technology Education that is Raha class, the teacher is in his own house and there is no physical school that brings about his own expenses and profit in education process.

Therefore, in addition to the fact that the cost of education is kept to a minimum, the cost of commuting or settling in the educational center is not imposed on non-native students. And this cost is so reasonable that government organizations can identify less privileged people with a small budget and provide support packages to them in order to reduce the cost of education or make education free for them (such as the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Welfare Organization), consider this cost as an investment and not an expenditure, with the education and job creation approach.

Due to the logistical and legal issues of work, regular schools are forced to open their classes during common office hours. in online education, students and professors can better manage their free time outside of their working hours, while that they have not spent their working time for education, but they conduct classes in their free time, such as on holidays or outside office hours on normal days, only by coordinating among themselves and removing the defining element of the school.

Increasing the time efficiency of the class members (teachers and students) and reducing stress is the benefits of these classes. and of course, other aspects of this feature is that those students whose working conditions do not allow them to participate in face-to-face classes that are held during working hours can also benefit from this opportunity.

The above items can be considered among the general factors for distance education systems, which in case of a more correct choice, i.e., choosing a more suitable platform, many other factors can be added to the above items, so it is strongly recommended that consider the special features of the online education system of Raha class.

All that glitters is not gold

Note that all the above advantages are integrated in less virtual education platforms, and this is important in the sense that all virtual classrooms are not the same, but they are very different in terms of facilities, capacity, and productivity.

Rahaco company, as a virtualization authority with more than 15 years of experience in the field of virtualization and with the benefit of its close interactions with the country’s education system and carrying out similar national and transnational projects, has been able to solve the major problems of such systems, all the advantages provide them to the education industry in a special platform and in a complete and integrated manner under the RahaClass brand. among the most important features of this comprehensive system can be mentioned the following:

  • Combination of class and workshop:

    The Rahaco platform is the only platform in the world that has been able to hold a workshop class with the help of Iranian experts, that is, in addition to all the virtual classrooms features, it has the ability to provide users with a desktop, through which users can work regardless of hardware and software power or the type of operating system of their computer, have any heavy software and operating system in their classroom environment and use it.

    For example, to better understand this attractive feature, suppose that the students of a class do not have a powerful computer to install and run heavy software such as 3D-Max, but on the RahaClass platform, they can use the mentioned software through cloud and virtual processing technology. without the need to install it on your computer with any operating system and use it with maximum efficiency and speed, for example, they can use the 3D-software easily and quickly through their old Android tablet MAX and the standard version for Windows 11, and they can work and run heavy projects even by connecting a mouse and keyboard to the same weak and old tablet.

  • Available and equipped workshop:

    In the Raha class platform, especially for courses related to heavy computer software, such as graphic software or video editing and even engineering software, it is intended for students whose personal computers do have the optimal hardware power to work with the aforementioned software, they can take advantage of the very powerful software and hardware power of the cloud and practice their training or even complete their projects by using cloud processing technology, anytime and anywhere in the world.You will understand this valuable feature better with an example.

    Suppose you are a student of a virtual course of a heavy graphic software Adobe After Effect, during which you have learned how to work with this software and now that the class is over, you need to use your personal computer to practice the lessons, but your personal computer does not have the necessary power to respond to the mentioned software. don’t worry, you can open the mentioned software, which is implemented on the cloud servers of Raha Class and do the exercises, and even after the course is over, you can do your projects through the same platform as if you had a powerful computer, so you don’t need to buy a powerful personal computer.

  • A fully interactive environment for professors and students with the possibility of recording all events:

    In Raha class, in addition to the fact that a classroom can have several cameras on the teacher’s side (for example, one camera shows the teacher’s body in order to observe the effect of the teacher’s body language, one camera will be the teacher’s whiteboard, and one camera shows the teacher’s screen (computer). The student can determine the arrangement and combination of these three cameras and the magnification of each one.

  • Synergy and sustainable interaction:

    Unlike traditional classes and other online education platforms, Raha Class has an exclusive feature. Through which a special website has been set up for each training course, where all the necessary materials, including pamphlets, video sessions, electronic books, software and supplementary files, are permanently available to the students from the beginning of the course. Even after the end of the course and on this website, professors and students can always be in contact, just like a social network with specific and dedicated users.

    For example, even after the end of the course, students can raise and solve their problems with other students or even their professor. In addition, they can launch an operational team for larger projects from the members of the same course and jointly work on bigger projects.

  • Complete management of all system components and the possibility of customizing all parts to increase productivity according to any type of system and educational policy:

    To better understand this issue, pay attention to the example that the teaching method for a calligraphy course with pen and paper and the teaching method for a video editing course with a computer are different. But you can bring your virtual education class to the maximum compatibility with your educational method by choosing the right modules on the comprehensive platform of RahaClass.

  • Smart quality setting:

    Raha Class is able to intelligently measure the internet status of each user and adapt the quality of the connection to the internet quality of the users.

  • Optimal bandwidth consumption:

    The internet speed required to receive a live webcam image is very variable. This speed can vary from 10 Kb/s to 2000 Kb/s. Considering the internet conditions of domestic users, we have reduced the bandwidth consumption as much as possible.

  • Dedicated powerful servers located in Raha data center:

    One of the reasons for the high-quality communication of Raha Class is its powerful servers inside the country and in the dedicated data center of Raha. Due to the internet conditions inside the country, you will face a drop in quality and speed to communicate with foreign servers. Another advantage of having a server inside the country is that your costs are half-priced.

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