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a large part of your life is intertwined with technology at the moment.
In a way that you are involved in this digital process from the workplace to the closest family circles.
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A small, low-power and high-speed device that can take the place of computers
and provide the required computer service to the users.



A safe, low-power and compact device with the capabilities of a standard computer.



A appropriate solution for places with small capacity.
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What do our customers say about Raha?

مرجع مجازی سازی

While confirming the purchase of vCloudPoint Zero Client devices from Raha Company, we declare our satisfaction for introduction and marketing, on time delivery, consultation and setup, after-sales service support and adherence to replacement warranty in Raha. It is worth mentioning that the launch of these zero clients has solved many problems in IT sectons, especially in the field of conservation and support, energy consumption, and increasing organizational productivity.

SEO, Sene Rayan network”

It is certified that the computer implementation project based on NCOMPUTING technology carried out by Raha Engineering Company (Espadan Rahbaran Hadaf) in terms of technical speed in project application, compliance with technical and scientific standards, commitment to on-time delivery, quality of hardware used in the project, Free practical training and the commitment and quality of after-sales services are approved by us. Also, Raha’s VP of technology conduct some investigations and evaluations regarding the functionality, efficiency and sustainability of this technology in our company and found them appropriate to our company’s assertion.

MOLAYI, Izeh talent agency”

Following the installation of vCloudPoint zeroclient S100 devices in the educational spots of this school, which has facilitated administrative affairs (conservation, support, etc.), saving energy consumption and enhancing productivity, we express our gratitude and satisfaction from this knowledge-based company. Raha is a worthy reference in the field of virtualization.

Aqaei, Mehrgan Andishnegar School”

As a virtualization enterprise, Raha website helps you with reference and reliable sources in the field of virtualization, as well as providing services and products in the field of virtualization. The goal is to provide the best minicomputer or thin client products, Zero client, Aster software and other virtualization products. Also, support services, virtualization services and solutions in this area, information security and network-based security services, enterprise phone, monitoring, remote work platform and many others are only a small part of the services provided by Raha.