HYSTOU is the best thin client company

HYSTOU is one of the greatest manufacturers of thin clients and the largest manufacturer of fanless mini computers in the world. This is one of the few Chinese companies whose products are sold in European and American markets.
It should be noted that the structure quality of this company’s motherboards is very high and cold type (no heat generation). And all its capacitors are solid. All these items increase the life-span of these products to about 7 years.
Be careful that there are many types of mini computers even with similar boxes in the market. There are more than 40 thin client manufacturers in China, which you can find their products on websites like Alibaba
But the low quality of such fake products, which unfortunately are sold in the Iranian market with various labels under different names such as: PAT, GIADA, etc. is very reduced. They also have an average lifespan of less than 3 years. To validate this issue, open the box of the devices and check their motherboard’s manufacturer. They usually have anonymous motherboards or at best they are from unknown brands.

Hystou j1900-DL

7,030,000 تومان

Hystou J4125-2LAN-2COM

6,475,000 تومان

Hystou M3-i7-10510U – 2LAN

460 $

+HP t610

2,035,000 تومان

HP t620-Dual

4,740,000 تومان


HP t630

6,570,000 تومان

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Due to the variety of brands, models and features of products in this area, the technical experts of our company will offer you the product that suits your needs for free.


HP t520

4,500,000 تومان

تین کلاینت HP-T530

HP t530

4,920,000 تومان

DellWyse zx0

3,600,000 تومان

A more suitable replacement for thin client

Did you know that there is a more efficient, cost-effective, stable, secure, and more efficient solution for your company than mini computers?
And that is zero clients.

What is thin client?

Thin client (thin user), minicomputer, mini-PC all have the same meaning and application, that is small computers and there is no difference between them.
They are just different names for a device and like a regular computer, it has a variety of hardware (RAM, CPU, Storage, etc.).
To produce smaller products, the manufacturers of these small computers compelled to eliminate or change the shape of some hardwares in regular PCs, which they refer to as below:

Some manufacturers have to remove the processor’s fan to put that in the device. For this purpose, processors with lower power should be used as they need less cooling. Note that for example, an i5 CPU in a mini computer is different from an i5 CPU in a regular computer. And it has less processing power and a smaller size, and it can be low power consumption and produce less heat. And of course, it should be mentioned that in order to reduce the volume, the manufacturers remove the processor’s socket in the motherboard and use it on board which eliminates CPU replacement in mini computers.

The type of RAM or main memory of most mini computers is like those used in laptop which can have a small size. And it has no difference in terms of performance from the RAM of regular computers. (They usually have less bass than regular computers.)

In most mini computers, it is not possible to connect ordinary 3.5-inch hard disks, and you should use a 2.5-inch laptop type. Obviously, this happened because of the device size reduction. It should be noted that laptop hard drives have the same efficiency as larger ones, as they become smaller, they use a higher technology which led to their price increase. But the best option is to use SSD memories in mini computers, which are available in two types: M2 and SATA. That has a much higher speed, useful life-span and higher price compared to hard disks.

The motherboard of the devices is also subjected to the same miniaturization that in this regard, it inevitably loses some of its ports, such as the serial port, the COM port, USBs, overclocking materials and etc. but since mini-Computers are usually used for specific and office purposes, these elimination are not an issue, and even in some special mini computers, the mentioned ports are reduced.

The power consumption of mini computers is greatly reduced due to the above changes, so that the energy consumption in them is about 20-50 watts, which also causes the power (power supply) of the device to become smaller, and usually the power of mini computers is like the laptop power supplies that placed externally.

An optical drive (for example, a DVD writer) is not find in mini computers, except in their larger types (mid-size), where if you need to use a CD or DVD, you can use all kinds of optical drives (portable).

The graphics card of most mini computers is integrated in the processor, for example, Intel processors have graphics cards inside them, which are definitely low-power compared to desktop computers. The graphics cards of mini computers do not have detached memory and they take the required memory from the RAM (main memory) of the device, although there are separated graphics cards in some special types of mini computers, which are still weaker in terms of processing than normal graphic card types.

Advantages of thin client (mini-computer)

  • Low power consumption: the power consumption of mini computers is about 20-50 watts. Compared to the 200-300 watts consumption in regular computers, mini computers will save 60% of energy consumption.

  • maximum life-span: thin clients usually last twice as long as regular computers. The reason is the elimination of mechanical components such as fan and hard disk.
    (As expected, some customers choose a laptop hard drive instead of SSD which usually lasts 4-6 years in order to reduce the price.)

  • free up less space: The size of the mini computer is much smaller compared to the regular one.

  • More stability: because all mini computer’s hardware is assembled by the same company. every so often they don’t even need a software driver.
    And they are assembled according to a decisive standard and it has a higher stability factor than a computer.

Mini computer’s prices

Due to the technology advancement, complexity of computer systems, types of advanced devices and the increasing development of various administrative organizations, desktop computers have special applications.
In a way that the absence of a computer system in an organization create many of problem.
So with the arrival of computers into our lives, not only it solved lots of problems, but also brought about the greatest comfort.
As the computers that can use it more become and have a series of problems from bulky families, being heavy, transportation problems, etc.
But the computers that have just entered the market are mini computers.
With the advent of small computers, some examples of which have been mentioned no longer exist, and small computers greatly eased the work.
(They are easily transported, due to their high speed, they need a lot of space, etc.). There are various types of small computers available in the market.

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