What is teleworking?

The meaning of teleworking: Telecommuting can be defined as “performing organizational tasks outside the physical environment of the organization, office, business or company.”
Organizational roles: All the things that an employee must do for his organization according to the duties according to the employment certificate.That is, the duties for which one receives salary.
For example, responding to customers, doing financial and accounting affairs, performing one’s duties in office systems and software such as CRM and ERP, etc. Many cases can be mentioned for the organizational task, including designing and producing and reviewing all kinds of projects and plans, etc. All items can be different and personalized according to the field of activity of the organization.

Types of telecommuting:

Remote work can be divided into 5 categories:

  1. Mobile telecommuting: in this type, employees can perform their duties in any place (places that do not belong to the employer) and through any device (personal computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc.).
  2. Remote working with limited locations: In this type of remote working, employees can only perform their administrative tasks from specified locations. For example, the employee can only perform the tasks through personal computer at home or only through the company’s laptop at one’s disposal (This type can only be done through specified devices or locations).
  3. Telecommuting at home: In this case, employees perform their organizational tasks for one or more organizations or employers from home (from a specific computer).
  4. flextime telecommuting: In this type, employees can perform their tasks through any computer located in any of the offices (branches) of the organization. Employees here are not limited to a specific computer in a specific location within the organization. And they can perform all their tasks at any moment through any computer of the organization in any city.
  5. Remote work or freelancing: in this case too, the employee is not legally affiliated with a specific organization or employer. And it works in the form of a project. and does not have access to organizational information resources or organizational software. He completes the projects only through his personal computer and delivers the output to the employer.
Raha EasyScaler remote work system

VDI is used as a replacement for Citrix Gateway (NetScaler) service and all software delivery infrastructures are used on the web under the name of EasyScaler.

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What jobs can remote work?

All jobs in sales, media, finance, public relations, middle managers, senior managers, design and production units, engineering units, graphics units, etc. can work in this way.

What jobs can’t work remotely?

Jobs that are done physically with some devices or machines. Such as the physical operators of the production machines of a factory or warehouse employees who are physically processing goods. They cannot operate like this.

The benefits of telecommuting

Every organization should know the benefits of remote work:

  • Reducing geographic determinism in benefiting from equal job opportunities.
  • Reducing the organization costs (energy consumption, lighting, logistics consumption of resident forces, net reduction of payments to employees, etc.).
  • Increasing the net income of employees (eliminating commuting expenses, increasing useful working time, etc.).
  • Reforming the culture of public transportation.
  • Improving work culture for families where both spouses are working.
  • Reforming the culture of raising children whose parents are working.
  • Increasing the productivity of human resources of organizations.
  • Reducing migration to cities and the destruction of social infrastructure in villages.
  • Reducing the problem of urban traffic and removing the basic limitations in its management.
  • Strengthening ethnic and native cultures and not forcing them to assimilate culturally with the majority culture.
  • Reducing the wealth gap.
  • Modifying the culture of energy consumption.
  • Increasing government efficiency.
  • Realizing the ideals of electronic government.
  • Reducing economic costs.
  • Expanding all kinds of software systems regardless of hardware capacities.
  • Increasing cyber security of organizations.
  • Realizing the ideals of passive defense.
  • Achieving meritocracy as much as possible in the cultural system.
  • Promoting the culture of monitoring and managing the personnel performance.

You can read all the above items along with additional explanations in the pdf file.
Click to download the social cultural benefits of telecommuting.

What is the remote work system?

General definition: This system which is a combination of software and hardware, allows organizations to access their users anywhere in the network (Internet, national network, intranet of the organization) to their desktop and all their organizational programs, including:

  • Types of organizational automation
  • Your internal and corporate phone
  • Your administrative and organizational programs
  • Organizational information
  • Your enterprise web applications

It has full access and can be accessed without the slightest disturbance from any location with the highest security features (higher security compared to when the user is physically present in the organization itself). Do all your duties. This system is located at the outer edge of an organization’s internal network and provides us with the following facilities:

1. Connection and integration with virtual server infrastructure

2. Connection and integration with the virtual desktop infrastructure (Desktop Virtualization)

3. Possibility to work remotely anywhere in the extra-organizational network

4. A powerful firewall

5. Adapting each user’s desktop to each user’s bandwidth at the destination

6. Adapting each user’s desktop to the quality of each user’s network at the destination

7. 100% integration of virtual desktop infrastructure management system with external virtual desktop distribution system

8. A comprehensive control and monitoring system for desktop communications and organizational programs

If you need more technical and specialized information. Read the technical attachment of the product, because the information provided above was only for a general introduction to the product in order to enter its cultural axis.

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Remote work in different fields

Remote work in various fields is a subject that has recently attracted the attention of many people and fans. It is possible in most areas. Today, employees and business owners of any ability can do their work anytime and anywhere with a personal computer This issue speeds up workloads and increases the efficiency of employees.

Remote work in financial services

Traders and bankers can work with their personal computers from anywhere.

Remote work in the government

Government employees can use virtual machines with the certainty of available resources.

Remote work in education

Virtual classes help students and professors to communicate with each other.

Remote work in information science

Statisticians can access extensive data within their company.

Remote work in healthcare

Medical professionals can quickly access their patients’ records.

Remote work in production

Designers and engineers can remotely access CAD software and data.

Necessary preparations for remote work: (Things that are necessary for remote work)

Providing the possibility of remote work means providing the necessary access to all software, web services, operating systems, and services such as the corporate phone, access to document archives, etc. to employees outside the organization, in a way that they can perform their tasks without any problems and reducing quality and security concerns. in order to perform this attractive process, it is necessary to first examine the types of telecommuting in terms of infrastructure.

The relationship between telecommuting and cloud computing

You can read all the explanations in the feature review and user guide of the VDI developer software system.

Types of remote work in terms of infrastructure (advantages and disadvantages)

  • Creating remote work in the traditional way:

In this type of traditional infrastructure, it is done in such a way that through the Internet, we provide users with access to their computers inside the organization remotely, which has many problems, such as:
– There must be a computer for every employee in the organization that is always on.
– Very low security, in this case, because we must have an open path to that user’s computer for each employee. Therefore, there are routes into the organization’s network as many as users. that securing them will be very complicated. which sometimes conflicts with information security standards. And because of this high risk, most collections avoid this remote work. (Of course, some companies combine this traditional solution with some services such as VPN or hardware digital signature (TOKEN) to make it acceptable to some extent).
Very high bandwidth consumption per employee is done by one remote. The bandwidth used for these remote connections is high. And providing this bandwidth is impossible or very expensive for most of the companies (in terms of infrastructure) according to the current infrastructure of the Internet.
– The impossibility of managing and imposing restrictions on the entry of information into the organization and the exit of organizational data by employees. by establishing a remote connection, employees can enter information into their computers inside the organization or remove them through it. and the exit of organizational data by employees.
– Low quality and image delay: due to the nature of this type of connection (remote desktop connection), users do not receive a good image from their computer that is inside the organization regardless of the amount of bandwidth. And this means that even if the bandwidth is optimal. Again, because the image of the employee’s computer is supposed to be transferred from his computer to the employee’s physical location from within the organization. This transfer will always be delayed.

  • remote work through the Raha remote work system (Easy Scaler):

This system, which is powered by various systems including: Citrix VDI, Citrix communication management system (Citrix NetScaler), Raha GPU Sharing Technology, unified threat management system (UTM), … provides the best remote work experience in the world which is at a great distance from competitors in this field such as Citrix or VMware and Microsoft. (Click for a complete comparison of this product with similar products in the field of remote work) and the proof of this claim is the good work guarantee from big customers such as: Howard University, Australia Bolo Blood International Company, Iraq Government, Ports and Maritime Organization of the Islamic Republic Iran and… Among the features of this new powerful system, the following can be mentioned:
– The highest standards of information security according to the ISO27001 standard, no information is exchanged between the organization and the remote employee in this remote work solution. Only the signal of the mouse and keyboard and other equipment on the user’s side comes after compression and encryption inside a secure digital tunnel for the organization. And after multi-step authentication, all the processes required by the user are done within the organization and according to the organization’s security policies. And its output, not in the form of an image, but simply the pixel changes that occur at any moment are compressed, encrypted and sent to the user inside the same secure tunnel.

In this case, even if an external intruder can penetrate into the secure tunnel. And it can also discover the compression and encryption algorithm. It does not access information in any way. Rather, the data packets contain a series of addresses of color changes of screen pixels. Even the intruder is not able to see the page that the remote employee is viewing on his monitor in any way. Because for this, it is necessary for the employee to have all the changes from the first moment without missing a single point.

For this purpose, the deliberate interrupt algorithms have been used. that the infiltrator does not get any information. In conclusion, it should be said that the information security in this method is so great that in addition to the fact that governments like the United States use it. Even spy organizations use the same method to generate remote work for their employees. Click to download the remote work security features pdf.

  • There is no need for each user’s computer to be turned on inside the organization in this method. And there is no need for every employee in the organization to have a computer or even a virtual operating system.
  • Low bandwidth consumption in this case for each remote user uses is less than 30 kilobytes. And even this bandwidth can be limited to 20 kilobytes for each employee, and in addition, there are methods to reduce this meager consumption by 60% for special cases.
  • In this new teleworking method, in addition to the fact that the remote employee does not experience a delay in receiving the image. (Because no image is transmitted) but also benefits from high image quality and even high resolutions of up to 8K can be provided to remote employees.
  • The ability to record the employee’s screen from the moment of entry to the moment of exit with a very low volume and with exactly the same quality as the employee sees. Approximately a volume equal to 70 MB for every 8 hours of work (a working day).
  • You can see more features of this product on the related page (click).

You can see an example of this system at VDI.dev. Of course, keep in mind that the mentioned demo system is located in the data center in Germany. And because we want to make it available to the public, there is no authentication to access it. We had to include things in it that had a great impact on its efficiency, quality, and speed, and we closed many of its features.

Questions that may arise for you

Lancer in the word(lancer) refers to hunters who hunt fish with a spear-like tool, but in today’s world, a freelancer is someone who does not have a permanent employment contract with his employer, and is not present at the workplace, but He works at his/her place (his home) and receives money from the applicant for each project, for example graphic design or coding or map design. This type of working is called freelancing, actually freelancing is one of the remote work types.

Considering the recent global threat (Covid-19 outbreak), and considering that the best way to prevent viral infections is to stay at home, remote work can be the best solution to prevent the spread of this disease.

We are all more or less familiar with remote work.
But the problem starts from the point where countless number of personnel of a company have not worked remotely until now and it is their first experience. Remote work for personnel is a new and challenging issue.
Changing the work process in carrying out the activities of a company requires knowing some tips, and we are going to point out the most important ones in the following so that we can lessen the problems ahead for you.

Maintaining proper productivity while working remotely is an undeniable fact.
Implementing a remote work plan is not only related to providing its technological mechanism. The most important success factor here is to provide the mechanism at home for yourself. This issue is separate from the conditions that the employer must create for you so that you can work remotely; The conditions that are different in every organization and the technical forces must provide it for the employees.

Remote work space at home

Creating a workspace at home is the most important issue.
If you can create a work space in your home, many problems and issues will be solved by itself.
The situation of your home is very important for creating a work space. Especially these days when most people are at home.
If you have a younger sibling or a child at home, it is more difficult to provide this environment for you. And you face more challenges.

To solve this problem, you should first consider a specific work space for yourself, dedicate a separate room for your work environment if you can, otherwise choose a corner of the house.
Explain your work conditions to your family members so that they can help you in creating a work space and have less interaction with you during your working hours.
We can’t say that you don’t interact at all because it’s impossible that you don’t talk at all with others like you do with your colleagues at work.
But this matter must be managed in the right way at home, we will tell you some basic solutions:

  1. Avoid entering into long and controversial conversations; The issue of Covid-19 can be one of these controversial and endless issues.
  2. The spot that you have considered as your workplace should preferably be far away from the TV because this magic box can completely distract you and prevent you from concentrating.
  3. If your home is crowded and there are many distractions, you can use headphones to block outside noise.
  4. Choose a specific time for lunch and rest.
    Do not constantly leave your workplace to drink water and any other snacks, keep the things you need next to you.
    Getting up from work at home is very different from getting up from your desk in the office and company.
    When you go to the kitchen for a glass of water, many factors can prevent you from refocusing. Of course, the issue is not to sit at the desk for many hours, be sure to dedicate a few minutes every hour to stretching movements so that you have the necessary energy to continue working.
    Just as you rest at work, take a short time at home to rest.

Remote work environment

Now that you are familiar with the general principles of remote work, it is better to explore the first step and the most important factor in doing remote work correctly:

  • desk
    Everything starts from your desk. If you try to arrange your desk professionally and turn it into an office desk, you can get the desired result from remote work and enjoy it.
    Place all the necessary items related to your work such as paper and pen, laptop, internet, phone and any other equipment that may be different depending on the type of work and you need while working on the table in an orderly manner.
    Snacks can also be placed at your desk.
    If you take the first step correctly, you can manage the rest well and get through it.
    If you are using a table and chair is good, otherwise, adjust your seating position in a way that you sit in the right position.
    Avoid lying down, sleeping, leaning, and slouching. These can prevent you from working perfectly.

  • Scheduling in remote work
    The second step is scheduling
    Order and plan can bring us to the desired result in all our work.
    First of all, you should understand that if you work from home, you should spend the same amount of time at home as you do at work.
    when a company care about your health in bad conditions these days and have made it possible for you to work at home, working at home does not mean working less.
    In view of this importance, you can assure the employer that remote work will be done accurately and correctly.
    If you follow the mentioned tips and the result of this deal is win-win, both you and the employer will be satisfied.
    The manager who cares about your health and his collection and has prepared remote working conditions for you, if you also care about your health, then use this opportunity and do your duties well. If you are not ordered, the work will be delayed and this frequent delay will cause the accumulation of things and reduce the quality of the output during delivery. As a result, you will be considered as a person who does insufficient work and you may lose your job. This issue is neither pleasant for you nor your manager, because it is not easy to find your substitution in the current situation.
    Try to write all the things you intend to do or do in a work day in a table and determine the result for yourself.
    For example, the work is completely done or needs to be checked or any other necessary explanation. You can use programs like Trello or Tescollo that will help you organize chores.

Notable point

Maintaining regular communication with other colleagues.
One of the important etiquettes to follow is your availability and communication with other colleagues.
When they work with you, they should be able to communicate with you as easily as they would have access to you at work.
This can show your professionalism.
You can share your experience with your colleagues so that if they have a problem, it can be solved quickly.
In remote work, colleagues should help each other more than before so that this type of work becomes common.


Customer lists
rahacocloud secure cloud os remote work system

The EasyScaler cloud is a software product that has the same functionality as Citrix’s expensive NetScaler VPX product. Using EasyScaler, users can access all software resources inside the organization, outside of it, and through an Internet connection. for example, users can access the operating system or software inside the organization using a mobile phone and an Internet connection.

In more technical terms, EasyScaler can provide users with all the resources that have been implemented using virtual desktop infrastructure technologies within the organization and with the solutions of companies such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and Parallels without excessive costs and in an open-source format. It should be noted that the Easy Scaler cloud is fully designed and programmed, and different organizations can benefit from the infrastructure of the virtual desktop on the clouds through it and personalize this system in any way. Some of the markets that EasyScaler has conquered:

  • The Ports and Shipping Organization of the country (Mr. Davar, ICT manager) with 1000 users and increasing to 5000 users.

  • Ports and shipping of the country (GIS package) (Mr. Khodayi, chief executive of Hardware) with 50 users

  • Jahan Gostar Trading Company (Dr. Hosseini, chief executive of ICT) with 150 users and an estimated increase of up to 250 users

  • Rayan Persis engineering company of unlimited users in the form of UW

  • Kian Pardaz Engineering Company (Mr. Sadeghi CEO) unlimited users in the form of UW

  • Parsk cloud system (Mr. Golkar, CEO) unlimited users in the form of UW

  • Cloud Raha system (Mrs. Manafi, commercial manager) unlimited users in the form of UW

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