First, let us define zeroclient:

What is Zeroclient? Zeroclient is a device that can replace computers and provide the desired computer service to the users. And its difference with thin client is that thin client can provide service to its user by itself and even without connecting to the network. But this hardware definitely needs a central server and network platform to provide service to the users.

All hardware devices that the user can communicate with through a software interface have an operating system
, And every operating system needs hardware resources (RAM, processor, storage, etc.),
Therefore, all Zero Client devices have these hardware resources and also have an operating system, mostly a simple and customized version of Linux.
(Even simpler hardwares such as video door phone, phone (programmable), etc. all have an operating system and therefore a processor, RAM and storage).

No, the Linux operating system that is installed on this hardware (non-editable, no need for editing, no need for servicing), is for the user to get his virtual desktop from the server through it, and that virtual desktop can be any version of Windows or Linux operating systems.

Zero clients are the products that have been produced in small, medium, large and enterprise sizes according to the different needs of the users, including administrative, commercial, educational and professional, so we can see their variety in the market for all kinds of needs.

Top zeroclients


zeroclient vCloudpoint V1

3,861,000 تومان


zeroclient vCloudPoint S100

3,300,000 تومان

zeroclient vCloudpoint A1

3/135/000 تومان

zeroclient +TCpoint R1

7,029,000 تومان


zeroclient TCpoint M400

2,640,000 تومان

zeroclient TCpoint M480

3,960,000 تومان

zeroclient HP T310 دست دوم

2,800,000 تومان


zeroclient HP T240

1,860,000 تومان


zeroclient Dellwyse D200

930,000 تومان

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It is recommended to read the information below.

Due to the diversity in the brand, model and features of products in this field, our technical experts will offer you the zero client that suits your needs for free.
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zeroclient NComputing L300

1,913,000 تومان


zeroclient NComputing N500

4,200,000 تومان


zeroclient NComputing N400

3,900,000 تومان


zeroclient NOPC F

1,395,000 تومان


zeroclient NOPC RF

1,705,000 تومان


zeroclient NOPC ECO

1,050,000 تومان

It is so simple:
Mini PC: It is a small and weak personal computer that can work alone and has RAM, CPU and storage.
It is just a downsized and weakened version of a regular computer.
thinclient: It is the same as mini-PC (Often, even experts or manufacturers confuse these devices with Zero Client.)
zeroclient: It is a port to connect to a central computer, in fact all programs and operating systems are installed on the central computer.
And users are connected to that central computer through these ports (Zero client) and use them. And they take the required hardware resources such as: RAM, CPU and storage from the central computer.
– Notice that the meaning of the word “zero” is that these devices are not able to provide any service for the user in the absence of a main service provider.
– Or in other words, they are unable to respond to the user’s needs without a server.
Access Terminal: Access Terminal is the same as Zero Client!
Of course, all Zero clients have RAM, CPU, storage and operating system,
But they are used only to establish a connection with the server and transfer the required services such as: desktop, program and browser.
Simply put: a device that can be used alone and even without a network platform is a thin client, otherwise (that it needs a server) it is a zero client.

Zero clients fall into several different families depending on the type of communication they establish with the central computer and how they work:

Types of zero client
RDP zero clients: These zero clients use the Microsoft remote connection standard called RDP to communicate with the host computer, and they all can connect to one or multiple operating system.
VDI zero clients: these definitely need a server and a virtual server platform and they connect to the virtual server using PCoIP, ICA, HDX protocols (Citrix virtual platform or VMware) and in this way they can provide the user’s virtual desktop or special programs for each user.
DDP zero clients: The latest standard in the field of desktop virtualization belongs to the VCloudPoint company, and it means that an operating system can be assigned to a user or a set of users, with the minimum required hardware resources (One desktop computer can be served to more than 30 users) and also the lowest amount of network bandwidth consumption.
(It has many differences with the RDP standard, which will be described in detail below.)
Receiver zero clients: this family of zero clients, which are also a large family, in terms of brand variety and features, operate in such a way that the zero client device only provides a series of special features to the user, for example: only one internet browser is available to the user or a software is installed on the central computer, which only provides a number of programs to each user.

Just as computers are different from each other in terms of power, capacity, size and appearance, thin clients have the same differences.
In fact, thin client or mini PC is the same as regular computer, only smaller and weaker.
And all of them are in the personal computers’ family and the comparison between them is the same as the comparison between desktop computers.
That is, things such as the type and power of the processor, the amount and RAM speed and things like that are compared in them and their application is the same.

There are many technical approvals for these products and solutions from the ministry to the university and school.
You can visit the laboratory of Raha Company with your experts and compare these solutions and products up close and when testing.
You can also observe examples of implemented projects on our website.
You can send your company’s experts to Raha and have a trial run in your company after transferring the necessary training at a small degree.
You can easily Google to find out that from the largest foreign companies to even small educational centers.

use these solutions to benefit from their many advantages.

The difference between ARM and Teradici processors:

First, we will briefly introduce the two mentioned companies:
Tradici company initially developed audio and video compression and transmission in 2004.
And presented its first chipset based on PCoIP protocol to the market in 2008.
which was used for the first time by HP and Dell-Wyse companies in thin clients and zero clients.

ARM company has been developing processors based on ARM technology since 1980.
Due to its low energy consumption, it is mostly used in portable devices.
With the increasing growth of mobile devices and the need for more powerful graphics processors in them, this company has integrated powerful graphics processors in its CPUs since 2014.
Companies like APPLE in their dedicated chips, SAMSUNG in their Exynos processors, NVIDIA in their Tegra processors, and Qualcomm in their Snapdragon processors use ARM’s powerful architecture.

Comparison of ARM and Teradici processors:

With the progress we have seen in the field of virtualization in the last decade as well as the progress of mobile devices, the ARM architecture, which can be safely said, has taken the first place among processor manufacturers in terms of sales, (more than 97% of smart phones, more than 90% of hard disks, more than 60% of TVs and set-top boxes, etc.) are focused on this utilization (virtualization and server).
Until 2014, Tradition company was the desktop virtualization leader in terms of audio and video quality.

But after that, Arm company managed to excel in image processing and compression by putting Neon feature on its processors along with 32-bit processing and using powerful Mali graphic processors integrated in its processors, take it from Teradici company and presents very good performance even in 3D images and also high-quality sound.
Of course, it goes without saying that there was no other expectation, that is considering the size and strength of Arm Company, if it finds a suitable target market, it will try to take over it.
With this company’s background, all its efforts will lead to consequence.

Notable point

Of course, it should be noted that in terms of bandwidth consumption and audio and video compression, Tradition company is still the leader by a low-margin.
It means that it works better in terms of image compression, but it is not so tangible and important that we ignore the higher quality of the ARM’s image.
And also, the much lower price of ARM processors, which is the result of their very wide market, is also inevitable.

So that the well-known HP company has used Teradici processor in its lower model, T310, and used ARM processors in its higher model like T410.
so that it can provide a better graphic experience to its customers.
According to VMware, the family of ARM (with NEON feature) and Teradici processors can both be used with the highest quality on the Horizon platform.

To see all types of protocols comparison, click on the link below

Protocols types comparison table

To see all the required resources and bandwidth for VDI, click on the link below.

required resources and bandwidth for desktop virtualization solutions

The following points are mentioned below:

the method of distinguishing different brands from the original ones and the reasons for the products’ price difference.

We also tried to:

To fully explain the method of distinguishing different brands from the original ones and the reasons for the products’ price difference.

You may have questions such as:

  • As a consumer, is it economical and reasonable to import the product by ourselves and how is product category volume can be cost-effective?

  • What is the reason for products’ price difference in the Iranian market compared to the international one?

  • Regarding zero client, there are various brands that we don’t know many of them, so how can we find out the authenticity of a brand and the quality of its hardware?

  • And…

Zero client imports at international prices

We want to import a zero-client device with an international price of 200 dollars in 200 numbers from China
Via flight, which takes about a month to transport and clearance, so the following steps must be taken:
First, we should negotiate with the manufacturer and introduce ourselves as a seller so that we can purchase at the agent’s price.
That is 30% below the official price, but since the sellers consider themselves obliged to comply with the sales policy.

And in order to determine whether you are a colleague or a consumer, they will check your history such as your website and sales record of other products
and almost all reputable brands have official sales representatives in Iran, it is rare that they go under the burden of direct sales
but in short, it has not been observed that a consumer can buy more than 10% below the official price, even in large sizes.
Therefore, assuming that we succeed in this case, we can buy 200 devices up to 10% below the global price.

Transfer money to the manufacturer’s account

Transferring money to the manufacturer’s account, at this stage we must deposit 200*200-10 percent – a total of 36 dollars – to the manufacturer’s account
keep in mind that the dollar price that we reach through the internet is the dollar price announced by the central bank.
And it cannot be obtained (it has special conditions and usually there is no access to it regarding the products import), so we have to ask its price from the currency exchange.

But that’s not the whole story, the dollars price that you want to transfer to foreign accounts is on average 3% more expensive than cash dollars.
which is called remittance dollar which is 3% more expensive than cash dollar. For example, at the time of writing this article, the dollar price announced by the Central Bank is 3240 Tomans
while the dollar price of the exchange is 3,780 Tomans (cash or so-called cash dollars), but the price of the remittance dollar is 3,900 Tomans, so we have to transfer 140,400,000 Tomans abroad,

regardless of the risk of doing this (frauds in this field), we have to pay a fee to the Iranian currency exchange
And a fee to a foreign exchange is about 2 million Tomans in total, so this money transfer is costly
If you want to do this in a safe and risk-free way, you should transfer money through banks, which includes at least 5% fee
Therefore, most importers do this through reliable exchanges. Then so far, we have reached the amount of 142,400,000.

The third step is the shipping cost, which the highest shipping cost is related to international shipping.
Such as DHL, TNT, and Aramex, which are not affordable at all and usually none of the importers use their service.
And they import through air freight companies, the cost of air cargo is calculated according to the size and weight of the products, which is called volumetric weight. And on average, for 200 zero clients with average dimensions, it will cost 600 $ equivalent to 2,340,000 tomans so far, we have reached the amount of 144,740,000.

The next important step is obtaining the necessary license.

For goods clearance, you need to have a business card which has a complicated process
but they often use chartered traders, and illegally import cargo through them.
In addition to the work (merchant) clearance, you must have the information technology license and Iran’s standard certificate for the product in order to obtain the zero client clearance.

Obtaining these two certificates leads to the loss of one device as a sample for the governor’s office (irrevocable) and several samples for the information technology organization (retrievable after a few months),
These two licenses cost about 2.5 million tomans, and on average, the work clearance for the provided services requires 3 million tomans for this amount of work. So, we have reached the amount of 150,240,000 Tomans for 199 devices.

After obtaining the necessary license, the products will be transferred to the customs assessment expert (appraiser) for price evaluation in order to calculate taxes and duties.
The criterion of the appraiser’s action in assessing the amount of the goods is its value on foreign and interior websites, so the number that the appraiser considers as the product value,

Is its consumer price that is 200 dollars, so all customs duties and taxes are calculated according to this number.
which is the average of 100 thousand tomans for every 100 dollars or about 2.5% of the cargo value (assessed by the appraiser) for customs duties and taxes,
That is, for this shipping with a value of 40,000 dollars, the amount of 3,700,000 is calculated as customs duties and taxes and must be paid at the customs.
So far, we have reached 154 million tomans for 199 devices.

customs exit

The next step is the goods departure from the customs, at this stage considering that the cargo has been in the customs warehouse for about a month.
It is subject to the cost of warehouse, which costs approximately 700 thousand tomans for this amount.
In short, we have paid 154,640,000 Tomans for 199 devices, which means approximately 777 Tomans for each device, which you should also consider the following as expenses:
One month of money stagnation, high risk of work, illegality of work (the fact that the consumer himself does not have a business card with a related field) can be examples of goods smuggling.
and if found out, will result in a very heavy fine and even more than the value of the cargo.

The failure rate of zero clients is about 3% in two years (for valid and original brands), and it is not cost-effective for the consumer to send and import broken devices to China.
200 is a lot for one consumer, and many of these expenses are fixed for each load of any size (such as license costs).
considering all these cases, it should be noted that the price specified by the Iranian seller for this product is less than what was calculated for the direct buyer from China!
And that is because the importer has a related business card (every businessman has a card that authorizes his activity and that is for several groups of goods, in other words, every businessman is not allowed to import goods).

The process of obtaining permits and imports is much easier for him, because in many cases he can use the records of his past official purchases, which are called pates.
The importer purchase size is more than that of a consumer, and the clearance process for an experienced importer is much shorter than that of a consumer.

Considering that the family of zero clients are specialized products and are generally unaware of the prominent brands and companies in this field, how to distinguish a good and high-quality product from a low-quality and non-supported product? This is a question that is asked by most of the audience who have reached this stage of knowledge, so, let’s answer this question by some examples of low-quality products without a strong support team.

When we search GIeTeK on Google, nothing relevant (except those created by the vendor) is shown as a result!

Now we search the term GIeTeK zero client, and yes, we reach the main site of the manufacturer now!!

Now we enter the manufacturer’s website.

Yes, apparently everything is correct, but let’s learn the address and contact information of the manufacturer:

Yes, apparently it is an English brand and the address and number are also correct, but let us also find the owner of the website, for this we need to take help from the websites that provide “Who Is” services, the website or domain addresses are like goods such as property, cars, etc., have owners and their trade is done officially.

the result is interesting

The total cost of construct this brand and setting up a website for it does not reach one million tomans so the goal was to sell its Chinese product at the price of an authentic English product, the selling price of this brand is equals with the authentic brands of the market that was mentioned at the beginning of this article! for example, consider the items below.

Types of zeroclinte brand

Pointing out that the low quality of their hardware at first sight tells a lot and there is no official company provide all kinds of services for them.
In any case, in order to make a more reliable choice for purchasing Zero Client, Raha knowledge-based company in its laboratory has made various types of this product available to the public, along with low-quality samples for testing and evaluation.

First of all, it is necessary to provide some explanations regarding the production of electronic and hi-tech products in Iran,
None of the electronic elements (resistor, capacitor, inductor, processor, etc.) are produced in Iran and only the assembly is done in Iran.
Which is not economically justified for the producer, so most of the domestic producers (there are no more than three producers in this field) perform physical assembly.
(That is, they import the ready-made board of the device which is generally exempted from customs and taxes to a large extent), but according to what was said above,

the most important tips about zero client

The most important factor in zero clients is the expert and experienced technical team that produces its firmware.
But in general, and considering that a large part of the costs is related to duties and customs and obtaining various permits.
While the import of the device board has a good exemption in such expenses, it requires that the domestic products price is much lower than foreign samples,
In this case, their purchase value will increase compared to all kinds of reputable foreign brands.


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