Product warranty

Product warranty gives buyers more confidence in choosing the desired product. And it shows the credibility and reliability of its products. Having a warranty means giving the customer confidence in the purchase so that they can use it in case of problems. All Raha products have a warranty. First, we must note that you should carefully read all the items related to product warranty and product support.

Using Instructions of Raha company’s hardware

Please read the following instructions carefully before turning on any hardware you have purchased from Raha.

  1. Avoid receiving the device without a smart warranty card (according to the photo opposite). Receiving the device means confirming the receipt of the smart warranty card. Therefore, if you do not receive this card immediately and less than 24 hours without using the device, return it to the nearest service and support center or to the Raha’s central building.
  2. Avoid receiving a device whose labels include: specification labels, serial number, hologram, and tampered device seal label. Receipt of the device means confirmation of receiving it completely and without defects in the mentioned cases. Otherwise, return the device to the central building without using it for less than 24 hours.
  3. Every electrical device must have proper ventilation. So that its working temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. And the ventilation should be in a way that can discharge the heat produced by the device. Therefore, enclosing the device in a blocked environment or non-standard high temperature is not covered by the company’s commitment and warranty conditions.
  4. The power supply of all hardware must have a voltage range of 213-226 volts and a frequency range of 48-52 Hz and the power to supply the necessary flow.
  5. Avoid changing or manipulating the firmware and software of the devices and perform it only through the company if necessary.
  6. Be sure to use the adapter and standard power connectors that are sent with the device.
  7. According to the standard, devices should not be in the vicinity of strong magnetic fields such as: transformers, high voltage cables, and strong magnets.
  8. The metal body of every electrical device must have a proper earth connection to discharge the inductive load with a resistance below 3 ohms.
  9. In the transportation and use of devices, technical points must be observed and physical shock caused by falling or throwing should be avoided.
  10. It is recommended to use an electric protector or stabilizer or online UPS to power the device. To prevent electrical fluctuations from entering the device. And during the update or any changes in the firmware and software of the device, there is a requirement to feed only by online UPS.
Other instructions included in the product catalog included on the manufacturer’s website should also be followed.

Raha’s Warranty and After-Sales Service

  1. Due to the automation of all support service processes in Raha, which is based on the smart warranty card that you received with the device. It is impossible to provide any service without providing the said card. Failure to provide it, its loss or distortion will invalidate the warranty. And it is not possible to reissue it or provide services based on the official purchase invoice or any positive documents. Therefore, be diligent in maintaining it. (The guarantee smart card is like a debit card. Therefore, the instructions for maintaining smart cards are valid for it.)
  2. Physical damage is not covered by the warranty.
  3. Tampering device labels including: specification labels, serial number, hologram, device seal label and warranty card will invalidate the warranty card.
  4. Any manipulation in the firmware and software of the devices will invalidate the warranty.
  5. During the warranty period of the device, all updates related to bias and firmware should be done only by Raha. (This type of service can be provided easily and remotely) Otherwise, it will invalidate the warranty.
  6. Any overclocking of the hardware resources of the device will invalid the warranty.
  7. The warranty period of each device is only on the warranty card. That an updated expiration date is written on it when packaging and sending to the customer. And it will be valid during this period, that is the criterion of the time of arrival and delivery by Raha. And announcing the failure of the device in any official or unofficial way from the customer’s side will not be valid until the device is received at the after-sales service center.
  8. Raha delivers his products to the customer’s place and receives them at the warehouse door. Shipping and receiving costs are the customer’ responsibility.
  9. The time to fix the problem or replace the device varies according to the type of problem. which is only announced to each customer through the support panel. And the customer can track and manage all their processes and requests through the support panel.
  10. Using any adapter other than the one sent with the device will void the warranty.
  11. Defects caused by electrical modifications are out of warranty. The electrical power supply of the device must have a voltage range of 213-226 volts and a frequency range of 48-52 Hz and the power to supply the necessary flow. Otherwise, defects caused by this item are out of warranty.
  12. Defects caused by ambient temperature above 50 degrees Celsius or due to lack of proper ventilation of the device environment are outside the warranty conditions.
  13. . Defects caused by humidity or chemicals are not in the warranty terms and conditions.
  14. Any physical modification of the device and its equipment will invalidate the warranty.
  15. Providing root access or device bias to the customer will void the warranty.
  16. The criteria for scheduling and the only things that can be cited is the profile of the customer’s user panel.
  17. Raha refuses to receive parcels with improper packaging. Therefore, when sending any hardware, be careful to follow the principles of proper packaging.
  18. Defects caused by electromagnetic induction are out of warranty. Therefore, be sure to earth the device (earth below 3 ohms).
  19. Defects caused by improper draining of the metal body of the device are out of warranty. Therefore, be sure to have a suitable earth connection for discharge with a resistance below 3 ohms.
  20. Raha is not responsible for the information stored on the devices it receives for services and repairs.
  21. It is non-standard to use device communication ports (for example, USB port) to charge peripherals (for example, mobile). And if there is a problem due to this conflict, the device is not covered by the warranty.
  22. Defects caused by the use of non-standard accessories are not supported by the warranty.

Raha is an official member of Iranian ICT Guild Organization and an official member of the computer technician’s union. And in case of any conflict in the principle or interpretation of the above, Raha is obliged to comply with the opinion of the experts of these two respected authorities.

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