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Graham Bell took his last step! Rahabell Raha bell

  • Raha VoIP system
  • The best VoIP phone system
  • applicable for all needs
  • possess all the features of VoIP systems
  • An integrated system compatible with all services
  • present exclusive features like no other VoIPs

You are not far away from discovering VoIP press on with us.

Three unique products

Rahabell system (software): RahaBell

Rahabell system (hardware): RahaBell

Rahabell-cloud system: RahaBell-Cloud

Features of RahaBell-Cloud VoIP system

  • ● No need to buy any hardware (just by having a regular internet connection anywhere, you can benefit from this system on the internet platform.)

  • ● wherever your computers and mobile phones are connected to the Internet, can use this system with the highest quality and all the features.

  • ● It has fax module, operator panel, online audibility of conversations and all other unlimited VoIP features

  • ● The best option for remote working

  • ● No need for any landline

  • ● possess a smart number such as 91001830 in the name of the customer with an unlimited desired city prefix number, along with mobility. (You can transfer it to any place in the world at any time)

  • ● The ability to have as many channels as you like simultaneously (each additional channel is only 90 tomans unlimited)

  • ● The ability to convert to a local system (you can take it out of cloud mode and transfer it to your place whenever you want)

  • ● Secure (audited by ISMS information security standard in Iran, behind two hardware firewalls and CDN, pen test security certificate, design based on VoIP security engineering principles, implemented on cluster platform with FT, HA capability in Milad Tower data center)

  • ● You can benefit from this system in all your offices in different geographical areas and hold internal and integrated communication between your offices without using any other hardware.

  • ● In order to have a softphone on the personnel’s mobile phone, it is not necessary for them to be connected to the company’s Wi-Fi, but with any Internet even with their own SIM card Internet, they can use the VoIP system without any changes. in fact, Rahabell softphone is active by connecting to any Internet.

  • ● It has all the features of the VoIP system in an unlimited way (queue, survey, etc.)

  • ● Integrated management and monitoring from anywhere

  • ● The call fee (use rate) is cheaper than telecommunication lines

  • ● HD sound quality

رهابل 2

Rahabell system features (Raha VoIP system):

This system can be presented both as hardware (according to the photo and as a virtual machine). Some of the features of this system are as follows:

  • ● Taking advantage of the digital line’s features (lines that start with number 9 and have a number with the desired number of channels) (a landline number such as 91001830 which can be for example, 50 lines at the same time, these lines that Raha is their provider can present with Tehran prefix (021) or any other city in Iran.

  • ● The ability to manage and monitor personnel performance (how each person used the phone or for example, how many calls were not answered)

  • ● The ability to record and listen to all conversations even during a conversation

  • ● Ability to connect to other systems such as CRM, ERP, …

  • ● Lower cost for equipment and development than the santral

  • ● The call cost (tariff) of digital lines is lower than that of telecommunication copper wires, and the ability to check the amount of consumption and small calls in the online panel.

  • ● The ability to connect regular copper lines in addition to digital lines along with other lines (for example, 5-digit E1 lines) simultaneously.

  • ● Establishing remote work by providing access of the corporate phone to users outside the company.

  • ● Increasing managerial and supervisory capabilities

  • ● The possibility of defining IVR phones, waiting queues, survey systems, etc.

  • ● Very high quality compared to santral (HD quality)

  • ● The ability to provide telephones on the staff’s computer and mobile phone, thus eliminating each user’s needs for telephone.

  • ● The possibility of setting up a call center

  • ● The possibility of setting up evening and night shifts as remote work (telephone operators in these shifts provide service from home with the ability to monitor, that it is clear how many calls a remote user has missed and to what extent the customers are satisfied with his or her performance.)

  • ● The communication between different branches and offices in the VoIP solution is like an internal communication and does not involve any cost and it is also uninterrupted.

  • ● No need for separate phone wiring (VoIP is based on the network and wherever there is a network, whether cable or wireless, it is possible to place the phone, even there is no need to pull a separate network cable for desktop phones, but every phone has two network ports, one is input and the other is output, so it does not need a separate network cable.)

  • ● Raha VoIP system based on Asterisk (latest version) is designed in such a way that you can place it on the edge of the Internet without worrying about security. (Information security engineering has been implemented on the Rahabell system with the highest ISO27001 security standards.)

  • ● Rahabell system is provided with all features and unlike other VoIP systems, there is no need to purchase any module for it, or to renew its license. (Full Feature + Lifetime License)

  • ● The Rahabell system can be customized based on the customer’s needs and has all other VoIP systems features.

  • ● Rahabell system has HA and FT capabilities. (It is possible to have two completely similar systems in the circuit at the same time, so that if one of them has faced a problem, we do not have a phone outage)

  • ● The usage and management of the Rahabell system is very simple, in such a way that with minimal computer knowledge, one will be able to manage and even make changes in it, which user training will be provided for free.

● For more information, as well as to compare this product with other solutions and products, please see the link rahabell.ir

Time required to implement this section: 3 working days

Rahabell’s charming prices (even cheaper than telecommunications):

Comparison of central and traditional VoIP

What is VoIP?

VoIP means Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice over IP) another name of which is the telephone network under the network or IP-PBX.
Technology has always sought to simplify tasks and increase capabilities, for a long time, technology has provided a new solution for corporate phones, that brought ease of installation and many capabilities while reducing costs.
Communication has always been the infrastructure of all companies, of which telephone communication is the most important of all.
Before the emergence of the VoIP, central telephone communications (analog central or PBX Analog) had 5 main parts in a set: (click to view central telephone communications)
City phone lines, central device, internal telephone wires, operator telephone, regular telephone

But with the advent of the VoIP, telephone communication gone through major changes, including:

  1. City phone lines were removed!
  2. The central device was removed!
  3. Internal phone wires were removed!
  4. The operator’s phone was removed!
  5. regular phones were also removed!

In summary, everything has been removed and the result is the following items:

  • In addition to mobile phones and computers, you can get your desired phones with all the options and you do not need to wire them, because in addition to being connected to the network, all of them have two ports that you can first connect the same network cable to the phone, then connect a cable to the computer from the second port of the phone.
  • Any regular computer in your company can be turned into a full-option telephone by installing a simple program, which can serve its user under supervision and management.
  • a personal mobile phone became a full-option corporate phone by installing a simple program, which can provide service to its user under supervision and management

VoIP system components:

A VoIP system can have the following components (click to view some VoIP system components)
(Note that some of these components may not be needed in some situations or some of them may be in the form of a multi-purpose device)

The device that converts urban telephone lines into digital signals for transmission on the network, the price of this device varies according to its brand and also the capacity of urban lines. In this picture, you can see an 8-port which means it can convert 8 analog urban telecommunications phone lines to network signals. For example, the telephone number 88593530 of Raha company is connected to the VoIP server of the company through one of these devices.

E1 line modem which is used to receive 4 or 5 digit lines from telecommunications, E1 lines are actually have the capacity of 30 simultaneous channels, this device is usually used for 4 and 5 digit lines, which A short number can have the capacity of 30 conversations at the same time, these types of lines are used for large companies and call centers, and while receiving the mentioned lines, this device converts them into digital signals for transmission over the network. For example, the 5-digit line 54521 of Raha company with a capacity of 30 channels at the same time is connected to the VoIP server of the company through one of these devices.

Any type of device that can receive SIP digital lines over the network is a SIP Modem, for example, an ADSL modem can also receive these lines, or an ONT that is used as a fiber optic to network cable converter have this standard. SIP lines start with the number 9 in Iran, for example, one of the Raha’s SIP lines is No. 91001830, which has 20 channels at the same time and is connected to the VoIP server of the company through an ADSL modem.

This device is used to connect normal SIM cards to the VoIP system as an input/output phone line for places where there is no Internet or telecommunications lines, such as factories outside the city, which are usually no longer available due to the expansion of the Internet, for example mobile phone 09198036641 is connected to the VoIP server through one of these devices.

RahaBell VoIP system is actually a Linux operating system that must be installed on a hardware such as a computer or minicomputer or as a virtual machine inside the server, this system has all the VoIP features unlimitedly and in one place.

The digital signal device receives audio from the network and converts it into an analog signal that can be used for regular telephones or analog exchange or paging system, in fact, you can use the central system or analog telephones based on VoIP by using this device. In fact, this device is unlike FXO-GateWay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just as when buying an operating system, you prefer Microsoft, the most popular operating system company, and the latest version of its operating system that is Windows 10 for example 20.04, and you even prefer to buy the Windows that has not been tampered with and have the ability to update, it is exactly the same with VoIP, the most VoIP customers in the world are Strix Base VoIP, and their newest version is Isabel and its latest version until the date of writing this article is version 20, Raha also recommends you to use this Raha’s VoIP.

Why Raha’s VoIP?

  • • It is always provided based on the latest version of Isabel.
  • • Strixbase VoIPs has the most customers worldwide and more customers means more problems have been found and fixed.
  • • It is presented without manipulation.
  • • Comes with all features.
  • • It has the unlimited ability to update, and with each update some features and security are added.
  • • It is most compatible with other systems such as CRM.

No, Raha VoIP system does not require internet, even if you are Raha VoIP cloud version client i.e., RahaBell-Cloud. Because it is on the national intranet platform and in data centers in Iran. If the internet is cut off like in the 2018 protests in Iran, this system will still be available. Here this question may arise that if the national internet is cut off for any reason. SIP lines go out of circuit? The answer to this question is that the role of the Internet is so strong in all companies. That by cutting it off, the companies cannot provide special services practically. Although these definitive cases are very rare. And the national internet outage is 30% less than the landline telephones outage. Therefore, the Raha VoIP system has better evidence than telecommunication lines in terms of availability.

RahaBell VoIP system has a simple and practical management consul, which unlike the traditional central system where you need an expert every time to apply the desired changes, in Rahabell system, you can easily apply all the changes you want at any time and from anywhere, or benefit from a variety of face-to-face or remote support panels, on an hourly basis. Raha is proud to be a leading pioneer the field of information technology in Iran since 1379, which was not achieved except with great efforts acquire the customer satisfaction.

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