Introducing Raha company (Raha Holding) – Spring 2017

RahaCo started working in the fields of information and communication technology and education since 1996.

In 2000, RahaCo established its technical and vocational free institute under the name of Raha Skill Development Free Technical and Vocational institute.

Over time, the company established other companies in different fields by attracting academic elites and economic activists, some of which are as follows:

  • Espadan Hadaf Rahbaran Engineering Company (knowledge based, in the field of communication)

  • Raha Industrial Technology Development Company (knowledge based and producer of industrial devices)

  • Arta Vision Raha Company (field of information technology)

  • Raha Arman Novin Teb Medical Equipment Company (inventor and manufacturer in the field of medical equipment)

  • Raha Skill Development Technical and Vocational institute

  • Rahasoft International Company (field of information technology)

  • Ayandesazan fanavari Houshmand Sperlos Company (field of technology)

  • Raha Pharmaceutical Company

  • Raha Saman Mehrfazer Company (field of hardware)

  • Raha Fara Control Company (field of electricity and electronics)

  • Aria Audit Company (online account)

  • Monthly cultural institution of Technical and professional market

  • Raha Soft Cultural Institute (online publisher)

  • Cultural Raha News Institute (What’s up IT)

  • . . .

Research and development department

The research and development department nit of the company is located in the scientific research town and in the row of knowledge-based companies. Therefore, by using the elites of each field and presenting many plans, some of them have been operationalized and commercialized. It also aims to create new fields and opportunities by researching technology and science production and applying it in production. At the same time, this department intends to take a step towards the technological development of the region by increasing the local production of science and technology and creating employment in addition to expanding the company.

education Department

The education Department of the company was also registered as an independent technical and vocational institute in 2000. It also has a license from the Ministry of Industry and Mining and Governorate Education.

By using the elites of the company and providing specialized and practical education, meanwhile training students and introducing them to the job market in various ways, (interacting with the community of customers of the company (more than 2700 cases) is one of them), this department intends to move towards creating specialized and stable employment.

International partners

RahaCo as the exclusive and official representative of Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, United Arab Emirates,
Oman and great international companies, have been able to take advantage of their competence and expertise.
Also, this company has been able to establish a constructive interaction through cooperate and export with companies such as:

IBIC of Russia, Blue Blood of Australia, TC Point of Germany, vCloudpoint Technology of China, Share VDI of China, Centrum of China, Ncomputing of South Korea and….

Centers and agencies

Raha Group has branches in Iran, Afghanistan, UAE and Czech Republic.
Also, in Iran, it has branches in three provinces of Tehran, Isfahan and Kerman and has official representation in all provinces of the country.

Through this network, Raha Group has been able to provide a favorable geographical coverage in providing services to its customers An attempt has been made to compile this introduction briefly
Therefore, you can find a more complete introduction of the collection along with the resume in the company profile of the collection.

Organizational schema of RahaCo


The following domains belong to the field of ICT of RahaCO.

گالری تصاویر شرکت رهاکو

نمایشگاه خدمات کسب و کار ۲۰۲۲

The 7th National Conference of Information Technology Managers

elecomp 2019

elecomp 2018

elecomp 2015

Exhibition of educational equipment

International exhibitions

Meeting of IT managers of Iran Insurance sendika

The first gathering of senior IT managers – Milad Tower

New IT method training seminar – senior IT managers – Milad Tower

The 5th Conference of Information Technology Managers – Milad Tower

New IT method seminar – Information technology activists – Organization of the country’s computer trade union system

Seminar on virtualization in the education industry – Information Technology Heads of the General Department of Education of the country

Raha hosts the national digital design competition

Intelligence seminar – Isfahan school principals

virtualization laboratory

In order to satisfy customers and provide the best services, RahaCo set up Raha’s laboratory to test the efficiency and check the capabilities of zero Client with various operating systems and software.

Contact us to coordinate and work with this product.

personnel of Rahaco

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