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Raha Company Raha Company has taken valuable steps towards success and progress by hiring hard-working, committed, expert and talented people in the field of information and communication technology, and considers all its successes and achievements as the result of the efforts of proficient, gentle and supportive colleagues who achieving the goals and making the name of RahaCo proud. They sincerely tried and believed that the interests of the company are tied to the interests of all members and the brilliance of the company is the pride of every member of this family.
At RahaCo, we believe that creation, innovation, competition growth and employees’ motivation have a significant impact in the organization, and we always try to provide a suitable platform for the improvement and flourishing of talents and abilities. This support will continue by creating an education-oriented environment until reaching the target points. Undoubtedly, working in a dynamic environment which brings prosperity and growth to you, can be the dream of every employee in his favorite job position. Raha company requests cooperation from all people who consider themselves committed to a honest and compassionate cooperation in order to flourish the company as much as possible.

What are the fields of employment in our collection?

In Raha Company(Iran’s virtualization authority)in addition to recruiting in the fields of information and communication technology, human resources, accounting, sales, content production, graphics and customer relations at various specialized levels, we are willing to cooperate in the field of hardware and software supply, getting delegation and membership in the sales network

What job positions are there in Raha company?

The life of organizations depends on effective communication with customers. Every salesperson in any business is aware of the importance of making a positive first impression. Salespeople are aware that their sales success depends a lot on their first impression with the customer. In fact, everyone likes to work trusted and well-treated people, and the influence that the support expert has on the customer are the foundation of the customer’s trust and intimacy. Due to its importance, Communication with the customer is also one of the fields of recruitment in RahaCo.

Content production is a very delicate and highly specialized art, which is of most importance in the field of website design, and it is actually considered a strong and stable pillar of a website. Choosing a suitable topic, how to present content, using visual appeal and graphics, checking the needs and feedback and studies growth in the field of work is one of the points that a professional content producer tries to follow. The production of textual content as well as audio and visual content are included in the field of employment of RahaCo.

Mass media such as newspapers and television were the most popular media so far, but with the advancement of technology, providing information through websites and virtual networks has attracted more audiences. A good media is a media that both responds to the needs of the audience and reflects the desired expectations properly. The media unit in the RahaCo tries to maintain the quality of this position by recruiting in the fields of programming, processing, advertising, audio and visual content production, textual content production and supervision of the media unit.

Graphic design was proposed as a way to solve communication and information problems, and in the same way, it was also proposed as a fashion in mass media. Something that was associated with being up-to-date and even progressive, but the change in its style was the result of technological advances in the field of media. Since it was not only visual art and speech also played an effective role in it, it could be noticed by experts who were aware of the social importance of communication.

Accounting is used as one of the most practical jobs in any organization. nowadays, a new form of economic communication has emerged, and people, companies, and institutions are connected with each other, and their financial transactions have a great influence on them, and these activities become more complex and widespread day by day. These factors make the role of accounting clearer. Mostly, accounting information should have certain characteristics to be used in the decision-making process.

Perhaps with the introduction of various technologies to organizations and companies, the main perception of the society was that the use of human power does not remain as strong and important as before. With work mechanization, many managers ignored the value of their personnel. Unaware that still the most important thing for any business is human resources or human resources management. Recruitment in the field of human resources in the Raha engineering complex includes recruitment, chore, safety and health, education and secretariat units.

IT employment in Raha is considered an exceptional opportunity for those interested in learning and working in the field of ICT because of its knowledge-based nature. Considering the fundamental role of communication and information technology in the country’s economy, it is necessary to train specialists who are at the bachelor level through technical knowledge and scientific and practical familiarity with the technologies available in the communication and information technology sector. In Raha, it is possible to start working as an intern and progress to the position of IT management.

In every business, sales are the most important topic that should be given special attention. All personnel, facilities, costs, advertising, infrastructure, etc. are used for more sales, in fact, it can be said that sales is a knowledge and ability to achieve the results of all the efforts made by the sales forces of a company. As a result, its importance is not hidden for any business owner. It is possible to work in the field of sales and progress professionally in the RahaCo for those interested in this branch.

Today, developing a smart business requires time and money. Starting any business requires financial resources, human resources or ideas for a profitable opportunity. Optimal use means being able to create a profitable and effective opportunity from these resources. To establish any business, companies spend a lot of time investigating what kind of business to start, and ultimately whether they can do it or not and with what quality is a inexpressive and difficult issue.

RahaCo has been designing and producing electronic boards used in zero clients since 2013. in this regard, while investigating and R&D on ready SOC boards in the market, it led to the design of NOPC brand zero clients board NOPC it led to the design of NOPC brand zero clients board in Iran and It was audited by an Australian company called Blue Blood. And finally produced by Rock Chip Company in China, but there is a capacity to cooperate with an Iranian company to produce such hardware in Iran.

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