comprehensive virtualization course

audience: senior and middle ICT managers.

General content of the virtualization course

Explain the concepts of virtualization

  • server virtualization

  • VDI

  • Application Virtualization

  • Platform virtualization (switching, routing)

  • Virtualization of services

Overview of virtualization prerequisites

  • Preparatory Linux

  • Microsoft services such as: Active Directory and…

  • Network (general mastery of network concepts, routing, switching, information security, etc.)

Raha training unit:

  • Comparison of server virtualizers and their features
  • Comparison of desktop virtualizers and their functionality, features and types of protocols and check their features.
  • Comparison of application virtualizers

Server virtualization training with:

  • Teaching server virtualization with VMware
  • Desktop virtualization training with Citrix
  • Desktop virtualization training with Horizon
  • Desktop virtualization training with RDP and CITRIX
  • Training on programs virtualization with several solutions proposed in this field REMOTE FX
  • Introducing and teaching various types of client devices in the market and comparing their features
  • Teaching how to use a combination of server, desktop and application virtualization solutions (the most optimal and maximum benefit of all kinds of virtualization methods)
  • Training the virtualization of some services such as: firewall, storage valve, monitoring, etc.
  • Setting up a personal virtualization workshop (installation, configuration, management, optimization and automation), teaching how to examine the needs of an organization
  • Investigating the relationship between server hardware and virtual machines
  • How to calculate to select server hardware
  • Teaching how to choose suitable server hardware for any virtualization solution
  • Investigating the relationship of virtualization with media and network infrastructure and teaching proper design and implementation in a structured way
  • Training to check the performance and capacity of a virtualizer
  • Analyzing and modeling training and providing documentation to develop the general policy of the organization

Each of the above concepts has academically defined headings, which progress based on them is very time-consuming (over 400 hours) and results in the training of an expert in each of those concepts, and usually combining all these specialized topics with its details is not an appropriate for a person, but if the students request, each concept can be explained professionally and academically by its expert instructor in Raha Company.

Raha training unit:

The purpose of creating a skills development technical and vocational Institute of Raha company is to train senior and mid-level managers in the field of information and communication technology in such a way that they can make the best choices for their company in have the following fields:

  • Compilation of the roadmap and main policy of the organization in the field of information and communication technology
  • Optimal selection of experts for each of the items in the virtualization category (passive, server, Microsoft, Linux, network, etc.)
  • Advancement and self-learning, along with the speed of science development in this field
  • Choosing the right specialized courses to learn in a way that is practical and useful for them
  • Choosing the right milestones to migrate step by step towards virtualization
  • Formulating the desired policies for proper filtering for outsourcing the services needed by the organization to contractor companies

Skill Development Technical and Vocational School:

In the end, it should be mentioned that Rahaco Holding has more than a decade of experience in virtualization, as well as having Raha technical and vocational Institute (founded in 2009) in its company, a valuable experience in compiling and standardizing and provide courses like this for organizations, and since it has a proper authority in the country’s technical and professional organization, can issue a valid course completion certificates from the country’s technical and vocational organization for such courses.