Today, with people using online services and stores and the increase of online sales sites, there is an urgent need for monitoring institutions for these stores.
One of the important factors in the development and stability of e-commerce is creating confidence and trust among users of services and online stores.

There are supervisory institutions in Iran, that award symbols to websites by checking the quality of services and fulfilling their obligations to people and customers.
websites that fulfill all their obligations to their users and customers and recognize all their rights,
have these symbols so that the user can safely use them to get desired and expected services and products.
Proudly, Rahaco website has all the security symbols that users can use all its services with confidence.


The e-commerce development center verifies the identity of the owner and the location of internet businesses by granting the Enamad. The owner of the internet business is responsible for the correctness of the internet business activity and all the content published on the website. The holder of the Enamad, under the supervision of the responsible institutions, is required to comply with the rules and regulations contained in the Enamad commitment letter.

Regardless of the mentioned cases, we in Rahaco believe with all our heart that our companions, customers, and users are a symbol of our trust and a badge of honor.

The organization of the country’s computer trade union system, in the implementation of Article 12 of the law on the protection of the rights of the creators of computer software and the practical protection of the rights mentioned in it, with the continuous efforts of the people involved in the information and communication technology industry of the country, in order to organize the activities authorized computer business, the organization of the country’s computer trade union system with the aim of regulating the relations between the private sector and the government and effective participation in the organization of computer business affairs based on the law on the protection of software creators (approved by the Islamic Council on 04/10/1379) and regulations Approved by the Council of Ministers (approved on 24/03/2013), it started its activity in July 2014 and has been active in this field for the past fourteen years with the integration of the Iranian Informatics Companies Association as a non-governmental organization.

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