The package is suitable for all companies with 5 to 100 users – all the systems of this package are provided with a lifetime license and as full features (with all features).

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70000000 tomans
54000000 tomans
بسته ناواهو
features Description:
Physical servers included in the package A server that has redundancy in the power supply, RAM, and storage layer, so that even with the failure of power or RAM or hard disk, it continues to work without problems, hardware specifications Server:
Original stock server – all original and unrepaired parts – the server and all its equipment have a 2-year replacement warranty.
emergency power system included in the package (UPS) Complete and online sinusoidal emergency storage (stabilizer + UPS), so that in the event of a power failure, it can be used for at least one hour (upgradable backup time by increasing the capacity of the batteries) along with the battery cabinet and all belongings
server-virtualization Server virtualization with ESXi and Vcenter
Domain Management (DC) dedicated domain for Metric along with all settings and configurations according to customer policies
VoIP server The latest version of the Isabel VoIP system with all the features and facilities and configuration according to the customer’s policies – this system has all the VoIP features and the customer does not need to pay extra to benefit from the new features, with the ability to support lines 4 and 5 digits and support for normal copper telephone lines
UTM server The latest version of Creo without user restrictions and with all the features with a lifetime license – the ability to use several internet links at the same time (load balancer and fill-in) – internal network management – a very powerful firewall – user internet accounting and the application of all management policies and monitoring the network, internet and users
FAX SERVER A dedicated digital fax server, eliminates the need for a fax machine and its problems. With this system, you can send and receive faxes through your computer and fax any document (WORD, EXCEL, JPG, PDF,…)
Network & Passive 32-unit standing rack with all equipment (power module-light panel-blank panel-cable guide-fixed and sliding tray and glass door) along with a 24-port Gig D-Link switch + a 24-port patch panel CAT6
Digital phone line providing 10 digital phone lines with the ability to move geographically and HD voice quality and fast dialing with lower rates than the usual copper telecommunication lines and easy communication between the offices of your collection.
BACKUP SERVER A powerful backup system that can back up all the files and information and the operating systems of your entire network and store them on the special hard drives available in these servers (with the ability to upgrade) and has a high fault tolerance. This means that even if a hard disk burns, no information will be lost.
Monitoring system A system for monitoring the performance of servers and network equipment to announce problems before they occur, for example, the computer storage space is filling up, or to fully report the problems that occur.
Virtual desktop system A virtual desktop system with all features based on Citrix or Horizon (RDS must be placed outside these servers)

Special features of the golden package:

  • To use more space and a dedicated SAN, you can add the HP-DL380-25SFF server to this package at a price of 2000000 tomans.
  • Network distribution and removing it from flat mode will be done through UTM, which has more than 8 gig network cards that can implement all network layering policies in the best way.
  • The UTM infrastructure is isolated from these platforms inside the server virtualizer in a way that can guarantee the highest information security according to the ISO27001 information security management standard.
  • This system even has the capacity to host more than 20 virtual desktops, for more than that, external RDSHs can be used or if desired, the capacity of these two servers can be considered more, so that it can handle 100 virtual desktops as well.
  • All the configurations of this comprehensive system are on an independent and high-speed SD memory, so any upgrade or return of the settings can be done in the fastest possible time (less than 10 minutes), so that there is no impact on other parts of the system (isolating the hypervisor layer from other systems)
  • By adding a special remote work package called RAHA VDI Gateway with the amount of 2000000 Tomans to this package, it is possible to provide the possibility of completely safe remote work for the company in such a way that the users can remotely access all services and their their desktop without any security concerns. (More information on the VDI.dev site)
  • This system is the only system in the world through which a normal graphics card can be shared between VDI users in such a way that each user can be provided with 2 extended displays with 4K resolution through zero production clients.
  • Customers of this package can benefit from other services of the Iranian ICT Guild Organization with a special 20% discount. (All services, for example, passive, closed circuit system, earthing, etc.)
  • Time required for installation: 20 working days
  • Suitable for: all medium to large companies, startups, factories
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