Product warranty

Product warranty can give more confidence to the buyer and show the validity of a company. Having a warranty means giving the customer confidence in the purchase so that they can use it in case of problems. All Raha products have a warranty. First, we must note that you should carefully read all the items related to product warranty and product support.

Product warranty annulment

There are things that can void the product warranty.
Read the following carefully so that you can use the warranty if needed.

  • Any unauthorized repairs will void this warranty.
  • Defects caused by breakage, shock, deformation, dust, electric shock and liquid penetration are not included in the warranty.
  • Distorting the serial number of the device will invalidate this warranty.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to make backup copies of information and software when using warranty services, and the company is not responsible for the loss of device information.
  • The original card is required to use the warranty service.
  • The buyer is responsible for transporting the device to the service center.
  • All software services do not include warranty.
  • Distorted holograms of the device exclude it from the warranty conditions.

Device repair

Do not get help from someone else to repair the device.
Even if the person you are looking for is an expert and capable.
Repairing and opening the device by other people will invalidate the warranty.
Also, a person who does not have enough knowledge and expertise can cause more damage to the device instead of repairing it.
This issue can be more problematic than the failure of the device.
The device may have a minor problem and experts can solve it in a short time.
When an unskilled person repairs the device, even if he can repair the device in the most optimistic case, he may accidentally and unintentionally damage other parts of the device, which you may not notice in the first few days, but in the future, problems will arise more serious for the device.
This issue can take a lot of time from experts to solve the problem and sometimes it completely disables the device and the consumer cannot use that product.
Note that repairing the device by unrelated parties will invalidate the product warranty, even if the device is repaired correctly.

What to do when the device is not included in the warranty?

Rahaco’s offer to you is that in case of any problem or defect, despite the fact that the product does not include a warranty or its validity period has ended, you should still discuss the problem with Rahaco.
Rahaco can provide the right solution more than anyone else and solve your problem in the shortest possible time.

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