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Human resources are one of the main pillars of any organization. All organizations, regardless of whether they are active in the field of production or providing services, all have the same and common characteristic which is their social environments. In fact, it can be said that the human resources colleague is the basis and foundation of every organization and its driving force; Because the most important and valuable asset of every organization and every company is its humans, and these employees are a group that realize its goals. Therefore, the management of the human resources unit and the employees who work in this department play a vital role for the success of any organization.

The main task of the human resources colleague

Managing the use of human resources for the purposes of the organization and monitoring them is one of the tasks that the human resources unit is responsible for. Human resources manage and supervises a group of people working in a department. In other words, it can be said that the human resources unit strive to improve their performance and that of their subordinates at work. The result of this leads to dramatic change and improvement and creates value for the organization. Human resources help and supports employees at critical points. Human resources increase productivity and organizational efficiency, create job commitment and attachment, and improve employee performance. The human resource management unit in the organization, as a liaison between employees and managers, has various duties and must assume the role of balancing weight between these two parts of the organization. Therefore, the employees of this department should be able to have a proper interactive relationship with the employees as well as with the managers.

How does the correct selection of human resources improve the organization?

The personnel of the organization need attention just like the customers, and for this reason, the human resources unit among the managers of the world’s leading companies has become a unit that has a key role in the progress of the organization, based on which the needs of employees are considered as valuable resources of the organization and they try to keep them satisfied and promote them in the work environment, because they believe that satisfied employees are much more productive and efficient than others. In general, if we want to list the general duties of the human resources colleague, these tasks include providing a solution for recruitment based on defined processes for recruiting and hiring, training and developing employees in order to achieve performance indicators and meet the needs of the company and customers, Management of employee salaries and evaluation of competitive payment methods, management of relationships between organization personnel, as well as strengthening employer-employee relationships by measuring job satisfaction, addressing the needs of employees in the organization, improving the performance of employees and managers of the organization, creating motivation and activity in employees, maintaining the safety of the work environment and establishing rules to comply with it and guiding personnel is one of the employment laws, such as the civil rights law, the fair labor standards law, or the national labor relations law, and many other laws and regulations.

Departments of human resources unit

The parts of human resources department in Rahaco that we have decided to recruit are: recruitment department, job department, training department, health and safety department and secretariat department. Human resource management is also one of the other job positions of Rahaco.

The duties of the human resources in this department include registering and completing personnel information, issuing recruitment orders for official, contractual and contract forces, announcing the end of work to the forces after coordination with the superior officer, and performing administrative tasks related to the termination of personnel cooperation, evaluating skills and capabilities of people and placing them in the right place and recording the powers and facilities assigned to the personnel according to the codified processes of the organization.

The employee of the work department in the Rahaco is required to check and carry out the affairs related to the company’s insurances, plan and implement the employee evaluation plan, prepare continuous reports on the employees’ performance and submit them to the human resources management, and follow up motivate plans and do it.

The training unit identifies the processes of the organization, examines the training needs of the personnel at all levels and departments of the organization and makes the necessary plans to hold the required training courses, and also tries to use the abilities of the personnel to teach internal courses and on-the-job training. It issues educational certificates for the courses held. And finally, the result is presented to the human resources management under a report of the lecturers’ performance as well as the effectiveness of the training courses based on standard methods.

Monitoring the performance of occupational health and safety and trying to comply with its principles, periodic occupational health and safety visits to different units, checking the inventory status and coordination to update the first aid kit are also among the duties of the human resources associate in this department. Also, health and medical tests are performed periodically by him.

As the name suggests, the human resources associate in this department is responsible for controlling incoming and outgoing documents and referring them to individuals and departments, as well as following up on them. It also cooperates and participates in the initial review of documents and correspondence and follow-up of its referral to the relevant departments and officials within the framework of the regulations.

Human resources management, which is at the head of the human resources department of Rahaco, plans and supervises the implementation of administrative and employment rules and regulations in accordance with the regulations of the group in order to select, supply and maintain the required human resources. It supervises the issuance of all kinds of personnel orders, employees, retirees and those on duty. It also supervises the preparation and compilation of circulars, regulations and executive instructions. Also, organizational culture and behavior, aligning new employees with the organization and its culture, interviewing job applicants, compiling performance and operational indicators, and establishing and developing the human resources management system are other tasks that are the responsibility of human resources management.

We in Rahaco company like many other successful companies value each and every personnel with any knowledge and position and we are trying to ensure that every person is fully satisfied with his job position and cooperation with Rahaco and Consider working in Rahaco as a direct path to your goals. . This also helps us achieve our goals.

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