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Rahaco, the producer and the sole representative of hardware and software products, is one of the leading companies in the field of IT. We are also proud that we were able to achieve more success day by day by relying on the knowledge and efforts of the Information and Communication Technology Unit (ICT for short). Joining Rahaco will be a bridge towards achieving individual goals for an IT colleague.

What is information technology (IT)?

The concept of information technology (IT) is the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer information systems, especially applications, computer hardware and mobile devices. Information technology deals with the transformation, storage, protection, processing, transmission and security of information and information retrieval using electronic computers and computer software. Many companies now have IT departments to manage computers, networks, and other technical areas of their business. IT jobs include computer programming, network administration, computer engineering, web development, technical support, and many related jobs. Since we live in the information age, information technology has become an integral part of our lives. The forward movement of technology happens at a very fast pace and it can be said that there are few societies that have not used current technologies and have no experience in using information and communication technology to facilitate their work. Therefore, many specialists and experts in developing countries believe that the correct and appropriate use of information and communication technology and training in new methods can increase the quality of life and the amount of production and communication of that society and to improve the quality Help people’s lives. The spread of mass communication tools, the ease of receiving messages from the media, and adequate and timely access to all the required information can undoubtedly have great effects on the lives of people anywhere in the world. The development of information and communication technology in any society opens new doors to use unlimited possibilities. It also helps to attract and maintain jobs and economic growth and development and brings a positive outlook for the future.

what is IT

Raha holding companies that operate in the field of information technology

Three companies from Raha Holding are active in the field of information and communication technology, two of which, Arta, specialize in the field of virtualization (installation and commissioning, supply and equipment) and Atria, in the field of virtualization training (R&D). The prerequisite for working in the specialized field of virtualization is to master other fields of information and communication technology such as security, hardware, network infrastructure, routing & switching, storage, server virtualization, Microsoft, Linux, programming in order to be able to provide specialized service in the field of application virtualization and network virtualization and professional troubleshooting. Therefore, as usual, information and communication technology experts who have bachelor’s or master’s degrees and have participated in specialized courses. Upon entering Raha, they realize that there is a big gap between what they have learned theoretically and in the academy classes and what they learn in Raha in a professional, specialized and on-the-job way. However, they can reach bachelor’s degree and higher after passing one to three months of internship in Rahaco..

Duties of the information technology (IT) colleague of Rahaco

Job ranks in the Information and Communication Technology Unit are as follows: Trainee, Expert, Senior Expert, Supervisor and Information Technology Manager. The level of specialized abilities required for each of the mentioned job titles has been fully developed.

Rahaco is much more interested and enthusiastic than the personnel themselves, that the degrees of progress and advancement, followed by the mastery of various branches of information technology, are passed as quickly as possible. By working in the IT unit of Rahaco, the gap between the knowledge acquired in the university or supplementary courses and the expected and desirable level of expertise in this field will be filled until the achievement of executive ability. The process of training the personnel of the information and communication technology unit happens in several ways.

This training can be provided to the personnel through the executive experts of Raha Company during the project or while working in the unit. Or educational content with appropriate quality is provided to the personnel, or they participate in courses outside the company (both in the country and abroad) to acquire specific and up-to-date knowledge. This scientific investment is made on active personnel in the Information and Communication Technology Unit. Because Rahaco is not a company for just carrying out and setting up public or commercial activities. Rahaco is a specialized reference for providing solutions and implementing them in the fields of virtualization, and this requires the ability of personnel at different levels.

Another important issue that is important for the operation of the information technology unit for the company is the mood of the employees. The tasks entrusted to the personnel are often in the form of teamwork and the person must respect the hierarchy of teamwork and organizational hierarchy and one should know professional ethics and act accordingly. Cooperation and empathy with the IT team leads to individual and group progress.

Compliance with quality and standards is one of the most important factors in Raha Company. For example, about 20% of the time that an expert personnel spends on a project is only for moving towards standards and completing documents and drawings. This requires high accuracy, teamwork and creativity. We believe that if small works are done carefully and creatively, bigger projects will be done in the same way. Performing tasks such as: plugging network cables or passive technical implementation is necessary to carry out heavy security projects that all independent professionals should be aware of. Japanese says successful managers are those that started from the lowest organizational levels and grew to reach the highest levels. As a result, it is very important for us to follow this hierarchy and reach. All executive processes of the information technology unit of Rahaco are fully documented like other parts of the complex. In the unit, the description of each person’s duties is provided to him in a clear manner, and after completing the tasks, the managers evaluate them. Therefore, the path of progress is clear for everyone.

IT Associate Duties

If you are one of those interested in cooperating with Rahaco as an IT colleague, send us your resume by completing the form below.

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