Currently, due to the high quality of providing products and services by RahaCo, agency is obtained in groups that are interested in progressing in the field of work of the company and have the ability to implement the rules of representation.


Do you want to start a new business?

The best solution for those who need to start a new business (or add to their company) is to search for companies that have been successful in this field.

So that through the transfer of knowledge and experience of that company with minimal financial and human resources and a source of ideas for a profitable opportunity, they can start a group and business for themselves.

The challenges of creating a business

Currently, creating a smart business requires a lot of time and money. Starting any business requires financial resources, human resources or ideas for a profitable opportunity. In fact, we need these three resources to run any business. And these three sources together is a time-consuming and costly task. smart business make use of at least these three resources.

Optimal use means being able to create a profitable and effective opportunity from these resources. To run any business, companies and experts spend a lot of time studying and checking what kind of business they want to start, and finally whether they can do it or not and with what quality they can do it is an ambiguous issue.

What to do to run a new business?

If you are at the beginning and want to start a new business, it is better to do this by getting a representative from a reputable company. To increase the speed of your progress in the path you are considering with the technical and specialized support and knowledge of that company.

A company that has a good technical, commercial and legal support and can provide you with these resources with a suitable mechanism will make you progress significantly. You should seek representation from companies or brands that have a favorable position in their profession and the quality of service and customer satisfaction are the priority of their work.

And in fact, prefer customer satisfaction to their own personal interests. The company that you choose for representation must have a team of technical and support experts and even suitable advertising so that it can help you achieve more success by providing the latest solutions and advice in the field of marketing and advertising.

Pay attention to the fact that when you represent a reputable brand, it means that you have gained their credit and organizational support and you have a great identity, and you will be relieved that you have spent your time and money in the right place and on time. Note that you don’t always have to follow the same path as others to achieve success. You can simply make the path easier, shorter and smoother for yourself by obtaining representation from a reputable company.

How is getting representation from RahaCo?

These mentioned cases are a background for young people who want to start a business for themselves or companies that have passed their age and want to add a new field of work to their company. You can easily use the experience, knowledge and expertise of RahaCo by taking representation from RahaCo.
Currently, due to the high quality of providing products and services by RahaCo, the representation is granted to groups that are interested in progressing in this field and have the ability to implement the rules of representation.
Raha company intends to create active representatives in the centers of the provinces due to the extensive activities in the country. Due to the fact that training courses are considered for sales representatives, it is necessary for the company that is applying for representation to have a related work field, and the companies that operate in the field of virtualization and its services have a higher score than those that do not have special experience in this field.

Training courses that are required to be represented:

Passing the marketing and technical training course is mandatory. A company that asks for representative of RahaCo must introduce the employee of its marketing and technical unit to conduct an interview, and if approved, go to the head office to receive referrals in person, and in cases where they choose the necessary grades and complete their courses and meet all the prerequisites, and a certificate is issued to them. The representative must inform the company about his projects. Because considering that he does not have enough experience to manage his projects at the beginning of his work. He benefits from the experience and technical and specialized knowledge and marketing of the company in order to reach them.

  • Holding training courses for sales

  • Receive a sales discount from the agency

  • The possibility of working in the field of sales if you have the necessary qualifications

  • Providing product catalogs for free

  • Include the representative’s name on the company’s website

  • Introduction of representatives in relevant exhibitions and events

  • Referral of the client of each city to its representative

  • The process of attracting and granting representation of RahaCo

  • Complete the online registration form

  • Contact with the client after checking and confirming the form by the company

  • Attending the company meeting (if necessary)

  • (If necessary) visiting the existing facilities

  • signing the contract

  • Passing market and technical training course

  • It should be mentioned that all training courses are held in Tehran.

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