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Hiring a sales colleague in this specialized unit of Rahaco is very important according to the organization’s strategy. Undoubtedly, the correct and principled operation of this unit in order to provide products and services plays an essential role in the preservation and survival of any business. The importance of this unit also depends on the importance and position of the customer for any business. Attracting, retaining and trying to last, along with customer satisfaction, are the factors that influence the level of this importance. Planning and implementing strategies, trying to maintain the customer’s satisfaction and positive mental image of the business, holding stable relations with the customer, providing new products and services needed by the customer to stabilize the position of the business are the things that show the importance of this role in organizations.

The importance of the sales colleague job

Efforts for the development of any organization and the parallel development of this sector require a greater understanding of it. Also, it is necessary to have a strong and active team so that they can have the most profitability for the company along with the advertising and marketing unit. The correct attitude and thinking of the organization regarding the importance of this job is the key to the success of businesses in today’s world. People who can understand this importance and choose reliable solutions for it and offer their products and services, can attract the best customers. Although there is no longer a need for a basic plan for sales and consulting in many economic businesses, this expert unit is one of the concerns of many businesses.
Like other successful companies, we in Raha company are trying to get closer and closer to the organization’s goals step by step by strengthening this unit.

How does Raha company guide the sales associates in achieving the goals?

In this process, the sales colleague pursues his personal goal in addition to the company’s goals. This personal goal, which is the growth and promotion of knowledge, insight and individual abilities, and the development of personality traits, as well as earning more income is of interest to the salesperson. We at Raha company rely on periodic evaluation of experts in terms of providing accurate and reliable information, optimizing customer decisions, optimizing the quality of implementation and effective communication with customers, especially for customers who do not know about the products and services of our company. This topic will lead to the growth of the company and more importantly, to increase the knowledge of the expert. Maintaining this bilateral relationship between Rahaco and customers is one of the concerns of our company managers.

Who is a successful sales expert?

Entering any profession and succeeding in it requires having certain characteristics and developing the abilities required by that profession. Some of the most important features of this professional expert are self-confidence, self-esteem, patience, good manners and responsibility, great perseverance, trainability and the power to make timely decisions.
Also, a successful sales associate tries to become a professional expert in his field by cultivating abilities such as the ability to communicate effectively with different personality types, improve the technique of expression, increase the power of persuasion, and learn the principles and techniques of negotiation. Informing customers about products and attracting them to buy and satisfying them is one of the capabilities of the sales colleague in our company.

What parts does the sales team of Raha company consist of?

This team of Rahaco consists of an expert, a site expert, a virtual community expert, a support expert, a public relations expert, an internal supervisor and an external supervisor, and finally, unit management. In the Raha company, the description of the duties of each of the sales associates in the mentioned positions, as well as the progress path, are fully documented. Therefore, everyone can achieve the position they envision by working hard and pursuing his goals. Attractive feature of working in Rahaco is the enthusiasm and motivation to reach the goal and strive for it and create a sense of life.

What are the duties of a sales colleague?

Managing websites, holding arrangement between the organization’s online and physical sales, uploading advertising content on the websites and following up are the duties of this part.

Managing communication and uploading content in the virtual community and performing the sales process in this field is one of the duties of this section.

After providing the products to the customer, the duties of the support expert take on a more prominent role. Responding to calls for support and after-sales services, as well as performing customer relationship management processes, communicating with customers and responding to dissatisfied customers calls, providing customer service within the agreed time frame, training and guiding customers regarding correct use of products and services, following up on complaints expressed by customers, transferring suggestions and criticisms to the company to take the necessary corrective measures and informing customers about the results are among the responsibilities of our support experts. As it is known, the support sales associate should have more patience and more persuasive power.

Experts, website experts, virtual community experts and support experts of this unit perform their activities under the supervision of the internal sales supervisor.

The management of this unit, which plays the basic role of the sales unit, is a complex and challenging role for any organization. Leading the team, providing useful management solutions to improve sales, negotiating and signing contracts with customers and communication with advertising companies to increase sales are part of management activities. The attractive part of working in Rahaco is that each and every personnel of this unit can be promoted to management with continuous training and individual effort.

According to the mentioned explanations, if you are also interested in working with Rahaco in the specialized sales team, you can send us your resume by completing the form below, so that we will contact you after reviewing it.

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