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The support associate in the overall sales process plays an important role in an organization’s ability to generate revenue and gain profit, as well as maintain a satisfactory relationship with the customer. From this perspective, customer service should be used as a general approach to achieve systematic improvements in operations. A good customer service experience by customers can maintain a customer’s willingness to make repeated purchases and create a good image of the organization. Support services are related to the priority that an organization assigns to customer service in accordance with components such as product innovation and pricing. In this sense, an organization that places more importance and value on customer service spends more money on employee training than normal organizations.

The most important duties of a support associate

The customer is actually the provider of income and the guarantor of the material and non-material happiness of any business. The importance of customer orientation and principled dealing with customers at different levels and in different jobs has caused customer orientation and correct manners of dealing with customers and customer attraction methods to be seriously taught in universities and educational centers and various organizations. Today, successful individuals, companies and organizations compete fiercely to attract customers. Many brands, companies and sellers in the world have gone bankrupt or stagnated due to inappropriate treatment of customers, and on the other hand, successful institutions and stores try to attract customers every day by respecting them and thereby reducing their advertising costs and attract customer loyalty.
In general, the most important duties of a support expert, regardless of the type of business, are:

  • Create customer interaction
  • Identifying customer needs, providing solutions for these needs and solving customer problems
  • Find and provide personalized answers to different customers
  • Evaluation of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Developing executive guidelines in the field of communication with customers
Hiring a support colleague
Support colleague communication skills

A successful support professional has the communication skills to perform their tasks in the best possible way. These skills include:

  • A support specialist has problem solving skills and precise decision making. He can patiently listen to the customer and turn his dissatisfaction into a pleasure after the service.

  • Follow-up and result-oriented is another skill of a support colleague. It is desirable for every customer that his work is followed up by his representative in the company and leads to the best result. Creating this sense of confidence in the customer is one of the tasks of a successful support expert.

  • Listening carefully to the customer and not interrupting him means paying attention to the customer’s basic values. Listening seriously to his words means instilling the feeling in the customer that his satisfaction is important for the company and he tries every moment to prove his loyalty to the customer by solving all conflicts.

  • It is better for the support colleague to use positive sentences instead of using negative sentences. Customers are more interested in a support professional’s capabilities than their limitations. In other words, they are more interested in what the expert can do for them, not what they can’t do. The way of talking to them affects their perception of the expert and the organization in which he is working. Therefore, by using positive sentences, he can convey his meaning to the others more easily.

  • A support expert tries to be as accurate and honest as possible in providing technical information. Customers’ technical information may be less than that of the support expert. Therefore, the correct way to deal with the customer is to provide information in a simple and acceptable language.

  • A good way to explain technical concepts to customers is to use comparisons. Although comparison has its limitations, it is useful in explaining an unfamiliar idea against a familiar one. This comparison helps the audience to better understand the content that they have not dealt with so far and to have a better sense of the conversation with the support expert.

  • It is better for the customer to be informed about the matters related to his request. It is the support expert’s responsibility to provide this information about the customer’s work process. By doing this, the customer realizes that the expert is trying to solve his problem and achieving the desired result is their common goal.

  • Anticipating the customer’s questions and objections and answering them is also a way to show the support expert’s mastery of the area in question. And this work instills more confidence in the customer, and as a result, the customer can leave the work to the expert with ease and not worry about the results.

The role of support colleague in Raha company

We in Rahaco also believe that an important part of the satisfaction of our customers depends on the forces that work in the customer relations team and support experts with customers and solve their problems with patience and dedication. This person is responsible for duties based on the employment certificate prepared for this position. These duties include:

  • Providing services to the customer in the agreed time frame (during the product warranty and outside the warranty or support period until the service is used)
  • Training and guiding customers regarding the correct use of products and services
  • Establishing and maintaining communication with the customer until the problem is completely resolved and the customer is satisfied
  • Following up on complaints expressed by customers, transferring suggestions and criticisms to the company to take the necessary corrective measures and informing customers about the results.
  • Cooperating with the product sales department to create more satisfaction in actual customers and attract potential customers
  • Help to increase the quality of sales
  • Increasing customer satisfaction as well as attracting potential customers through gaining customers’ trust about purchased products
  • Transferring customer suggestions and criticisms to the company for analysis and planning to take necessary measures to resolve them and use potential sales opportunities in the midst of protests.

According to the mentioned explanations, if you are also interested in working with Rahaco in the support team, you can send us your resume by completing the form below so that we will contact you after reviewing it.

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