An enjoyable purchase

Many times, we see sales websites where the buying process is very complicated and misleading, which sometimes discourages the buyer from buying.
We will tell you the process of buying the product here so that you can buy with satisfaction.
The purchase process on the Rahaco website is completely clear and you can make your purchase without visiting this page.
But here we will once again go through the steps of buying the product so that you don’t have any problems with the purchase.

Wherever you are on the page of Thin Client products, when you click on the product photo, you can see the features and description of the product.
After observing the product features, if you want to choose the product for purchase, you will see a button called “add to cart” on the photo of each product.
By clicking this button, the product will be added to your shopping cart.
After the product is added to your shopping cart, a new page will open for you:
In this step, you will see a page where you have to enter your personal information.

Personal Information

We are very diligent in maintaining your personal information, and this information is only recorded in the company’s database.
This information includes things like name, surname, province, city, address, email address, phone number, postal code, national code.

You must enter this information accurately because the company communicates with you through this information.
Be very careful in entering the address and write it in detail, the purchased product will be sent to the address you enter.

If you want the product to be sent to another address, at the bottom of this information, you will see a section entitled “Order to be sent to another address”.
which you have to choose and write the address of the desired place along with the postal code in the notes section.

After entering the information completely, click the order registration check mark, after that you will enter the bank payment page.
In this section, you should follow the recommendations of Bank regarding online shopping.
Such as using One-Time Password, entering bank card information by the card owner and other tips that you know better than us.
Following these tips is to protect your personal interests and prevent internet fraud.

We hope that with these few sentences we have been able to give you the necessary warnings and notices.

important points

After payment, your order will be registered.
We have tried our best to make the purchase process as easy and as simple as possible for you.
You can call the company and tell them about your problem if you face a problem during the purchase process on the website.
The operator department of the company is ready to answer all your questions.
Buy our products with satisfaction.
We hope that we have been able to provide a pleasant and safe purchase for you, dear buyers.

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