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The time to receive the order is one of the questions that buyers are always looking for an answer to. Buyers always face problems after purchase such as not delivering the order on time. Your time is valuable to us, we would like you to receive your product on time. We will do our best to get the orders to you in the shortest possible time. the time of sending and receiving the order is slightly different according to the city. We tried to answer all your questions, so read it carefully so that you don’t have any problems. If you have any questions or need further guidance, you can contact us.

Delivery time in Tehran

Thin Clients and Zero Clients of RahaCo, which are related to Tehran, will be delivered within 24 hours.
The following tips are for you to receive your order on time.
Usually, orders placed late on Wednesday and Thursday will be postponed to Saturday.
Also, if the orders are placed at the end of office hours and tomorrow is a holiday, their delivery of the will be postponed to the day after the holiday, just like placing an order on Wednesday and Thursday.
A product that is not available in the warehouse is usually not placed on the website, or if it presented on the website, it is definitely mentioned that it is not available.
It is recommended to avoid ordering products that are not in the warehouse.

Order delivery time in other cities

All orders are sent from Tehran to other parts of the country. In order to receive your product on time, read the following carefully.
Therefore, it is natural that the order delivery time is longer for other cities. The product can be sent both by land and air.
Some products may not be able to ship by land. The buyer specifies the type of product shipment.
According to the type of possibility of sending the product (land or air), it takes between 3 to 5 working days to deliver the order until the product reaches the buyer.
If it takes more than 5 days, necessary arrangements will be made with the customer in advance. As mentioned in the product warranty section, the buyer is responsible for the cost and responsibility of transporting the device.
Read the mentioned points carefully so that you can receive your order on time.

Type of product packaging

All the products of Raha shop are packed by the company’s staffs, and the following points are observed in all the packages.

  • Each package has a Raha label.
  • Each product has a Raha label.
  • Every product has a warranty card.
  • Each product has a serial number.
  • The serial number of the product is the same as the warranty card of a product.
  • Small products are packed with bumpers.
  • Because when carrying small orders, people do not use the necessary and sufficient care and do not know about the content inside the package.
  • All necessary and essential points in the type of packaging of a product have been observed by Raha company.

Serious advice

  1. Please choose the type of delivery carefully.
  2. Ensure the person and type of transport.

We have told all the conditions so that you can receive your order on time.

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