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Raha company provides all kinds of virtualization services and products. You can see the list of products in the Raha shop. After purchasing the product, the buyer is responsible for transporting the device. Due to the prevention of problems and the diversity of people’s tastes in this matter and the product reaching its destination, Raha Company has released the responsibility and cost of transporting the device to the buyer. All products are sent from Tehran to other spots of the country. This issue does not cause much concern for those who receive their order in Tehran. But buyers who place their order from other cities should be more careful. All products are packed by the company and their experienced staff. And they apply all the points that should be done in the packaging of an electrical product. So as not to be damaged during transportation.

Product shipping conditions under warranty

Product shipping conditions under warranty The responsibility and cost of transporting the device is on the buyer.
If the buyer is outside of Tehran, he just needs to estimate the shipping method along with the cost to send the device.
The shipping method can be air or ground according to your choice. And the product arrival time is different.
If the product is delicate, we recommend that you choose a reliable person or carrier for this issue.
Our advice to the buyers is that they, in turn, pay attention to the type of transportation and delivery of the device.
Freight is usually used to transport large packages.
Mention the carrier or any person and group you choose to deliver the product to you first. that your product is highly sensitive. It should not be hit or pressured.

Essential shipping tips

The carrier is solely responsible for the delivery of the order, and the opening of the box and the installation of the product must only be done by a professional installer.
The shipping method is only for large goods and if selected for other goods, the shipping method will be changed and will delay the delivery for at least 2 days.
Freight orders will be delivered between 3 and 5 working days.
The cost of loading from the company or warehouse and delivery is determined by the agreement between the customer and the shipping company.
Due to the sensitivity of computer parts and failure to comply with these points in shipping, we recommend that you make the necessary arrangements in advance to avoid damage.
By following the mentioned tips and our many years of experience in sales, your product will reach you without any problems or damage.
It is enough to observe the points that we reviewed with each other.
If you encounter a problem with the device after it is delivered, it is better to contact the company before taking any action. And tell your problem, rahaCo can guide you properly.

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