Product return

We have dedicated a part of the website for product returns so that you are not dissatisfied. All our efforts in the RahaCo are to ensure that the purchased product reaches the customer without any problems and in the desired form. Raha is a provider of all kinds of virtualization services.You can see our products in Raha shop. But for any reason, after the purchase and reaching the customer, the buyer may decide to return the product, and there is a specific process for returning the product, and there are some points that should be taken into account.

Return process

To return the product, you must go through the following process:

  • First, before returning any product, contact the after-sales service of Raha company.
  • If you live in Tehran, you can do the following two ways to return your product.
  • Coordinate with the call center to deliver your goods through the company agents of the Raha company.
  • For shipping, the product must be well packed in its original box or carton.
  • equipment and all accompanying items such as: cable, remote, battery, manual, warranty card, insurance card, strap and packaging parts should be sent along with the original product.

Labeling or writing descriptions, addresses, or anything else on the product’s original carton or box, or tearing or defacing it, will void the return warranty.
If necessary, write your explanation on the back of the purchase invoice or on a separate piece of paper.
If you live in Tehran or Karaj, in order to speed up the process of returning the goods, you can place your goods in the initial conditions of delivery and then contact us.
Do not write the address on the box or the original carton of the product, and if necessary, put the original box of the product in another carton and send it.
You must send the package to the address provided by the company.

How will the shipping cost be calculated?

  • If the technical fault, technical discrepancy or the damage of appearance, is checked by the after-sales service, the shipping costs will be on RahaCo.
    If the buyer pays the fee when the package is shipped, the receipt will be placed in the company and the fee will be credited to the customer account.
  • In case of canceling the purchase, or if the defect or discrepancy is not confirmed by Raha experts, the cost of sending and receiving the product will be borne by the customer.

How to register your product returning request?

For this, you can register your request through one of the following methods:

  1. Enter your profile and register your request from the return request section.
  2. Or send your message on the contact us page by selecting the subject of after sales service.

Note: In order to make a request, it is necessary to mention the tracking number of the order in each of the above methods.
The process of handling the request for returning the product is that after the reason for the return is checked by the after-sales service experts, the necessary coordination is made with you to return the money.
It should be noted that it is not possible to exchange at this stage and if you replace a product instead of a returned product, you can make your purchase after returning and refunding the money.

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