Hardware or software supply

Rahaco has a long-term history and strong resume in the field of information technology in the supply of hardware or software, and is completely self-sufficient and has a reputation for being up-to-date and specialized.


Cooperation in hardware supply

Rahaco is ready to cooperate with companies regarding the following:

  • If you have the ability to design and produce SOC electronic boards like the Raspberry Pi family.
  • If you are able to import such boards in the form of CKD and SKD.
  • If you need hardware and data center for your system or startup.
  • If you have the ability to produce boxes for free products.
  • If you have a suggestion or a plan to improve or develop the rahaco’s hardware and products.

Description: Since 1390, Rahaco has been designing and producing electronic boards used in its zero clients , in this regard, while examining and R&D on ready SOC boards in the market, rahaco has designed the required board, and the result is the production of NOPC zero clients which was designed in Iran and audited by an Australian company called Blue Blood and finally produced by Rock Chip company in China, but there is a capacity to cooperate with an Iranian company to produce such hardware in Iran.
To better understand this type of cooperation, we mention some examples of Rahaco cooperation in the field of hardware.

for example:

  • A semi-government group, which had an SMD production line, after examining two samples of the zero client boards, announced its readiness for their internal production, and during several test stages, we started to produce one of the boards, which due to the high failure rate and casualties, our cooperation did not continue.
  • A private group in Iran, was the exclusive representative of a CCTV brand that the CCTV company produced its boards in a factory in China that had favorable quality and price. Through the consultations, it was determined that the factory that bought the board for that closed-circuit camera company, in fact it also produces SOC boards and mini-computer boards, in this way we succeeded in producing our products in the mentioned factory.
  • A private company in Iran deals with the work of assembling electronic equipment in Iran, with their cooperation we managed to import some of our products as CKD, which led to a reduction in the cost of Rahaco products and also created more jobs.

Cooperation in providing software

Rahaco declares its readiness for cooperation in the field of software around the following axes:

  • Production and development of specialized IT software
  • Consulting and auditing in IT software production
  • Providing the necessary hardware and software infrastructure for the development of software and systems
  • If you have a suggestion or a plan to improve or develop Rahaco’s software and systems.

Description:Since 2000, Rahaco has been producing and developing various software and systems in the field of information and communication technology, software and systems on different platforms such as Windows and Linux with different programming languages. We do not have any restrictions in the field of software production, and our software products are according to the world’s standards and can compete with foreign analogous types, as examples of which we mention some of them:

  • Aster software, which is an unrivaled software in the world and has no rivals, cooperates with a Russian company called ibik in producing this software.
  • The Easy Caller remote work system developed on the Citrix platform is a 100% independent product with an international registered patent that currently has customers in the United States, Australia, and Iraq.
  • Raya2 software
  • Rahabell VoIP system, which is a Strix-based network phone service with many features and quality.
software supply

For better understand this collaboration, we mentioned some of Rahaco’s cooperation in the field of software.

Rahaco’s cooperation in the field of software.

  • A Russian company, which was active in the field of software production, had a good software that could not be compatible with Windows 10 and its fast updates, Rahaco cooperates with this company in the form of a lifelong partnership in the field of this compatibility.
  • An Iranian company that had the idea of a startup, but did not have the financial ability and necessary hardware infrastructure, as well as the expertise needed to implement its idea, joined Rahaco company in the form of a partnership and cooperation agreement and successfully launched its startup. (There are more than 7 cases similar to this issue)
  • Like an accelerator, Rahaco can cooperate with all kinds of startups.

Why Rahaco can be your best business partner?

We present this question in several sections:

    • Rahaco has a long history and a strong resume in the field of information technology, both in the software and hardware sectors, and is completely self-sufficient and has a reputation for being up-to-date and specialized.
    • Rahaco is very transparent in the field of legal matters, and Rahaco’s relationships are based on honesty and principled and professional behavior.
    • All processes within the organization are according to management standards, and all of them are automated and non-tasteful and can be tracked and monitored.
    • Rahaco has many representatives, branches and business partners that can be very successful in terms of marketing and providing services at the national level.
    • Rahaco has foreign branches and foreign business partners, which can operate with the least restrictions and with great power in terms of cross-border activities.
    • Rahaco has acceptable financial resources in terms of financing plans and projects.
    • Senior managers and middle managers of Rahaco are all experts in their field of activity and rahaco appreciate them.
How is the cooperation with Rahaco?

All Rahaco relationships are in the form of legal contracts designed by a lawyer. And the highest level for this is to have different relationships in the form of different legal contracts with real and legal personality, remember that Rahaco is a company or a group of companies, and it is very open to expand the relationship. It is enough to contact us.

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