Product support in RahaCo

Product support is the most important feature after purchasing a product. When a device like thin client is bought, some questions may have arisen about product for customers. Or there may be a problem with the product for any reason. If your device needs repair or if you just want to benefit from expert advice and guidance, just pick up the phone and call us.

Our experts, having the necessary knowledge and taking up specialized courses, are responsive to you and support the product. Receive the answers to your questions from an expert, so that you can understand the subject and the issues are comprehensible to you. Some people, instead of giving us answers and solving our problems can confuse us by giving wrong and incomplete answers, so it is better to choose the right person for advice and help.

Product warranty

Product support is available for all products and all products of Raha have a warranty.
First of all, it should be noted that all items must be carefully studied under product warranty and product support.

  • Any unauthorized repairs will void this warranty.
  • Defects caused by breakage, shock, deformation, dust, electric shock and liquid penetration are not included in the warranty.
  • Distorting the serial number of the device will invalidate this warranty.
  • Making backup copies of information and software when using warranty services is for the buyer and
    the company is not responsible for the loss of data.
  • The original card is required to use the warranty service.
  • The buyer is responsible for transporting the device to the service center.
  • All software services do not include warranty.
  • Distortion of the holograms of the device excludes it from the warranty conditions.

Tips for voiding the warranty

According to the above points, in case of any problem, contact Raha Company immediately so that the expert can be sent to solve the problem and product support can be done properly.
Because repairing the device by someone else will invalidate the warranty, and also a person who does not have enough knowledge and expertise can cause more damage to the device instead of repairing it.
This issue can be more problematic than the failure of the device.
The device may have a minor problem and experts can solve it in a short time.
When a person without expertise repairs the device, even if he can fix the device in the most optimistic case, he may accidentally and unintentionally damage other parts of the device device which you may not notice in the first few days, but in the future, problems will arise.
This issue can take a lot of time from experts to solve the problem and sometimes it completely disables the device and the consumer cannot use that product.
Raha company’s advice to you is that in case of any problem or defect, despite the fact that the product does not include a warranty, or the warranty has expired, leave the support of the desired product to us and discuss all your issues with our experts, so that you can use the help of consultants and services of Raha that are provided to people without hesitation.

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