Raha company protects your privacy

With respect the privacy of its customers, Raha company is very careful in maintaining the customer’s personal information. We are the guardian of your privacy and your information remains confidential with us. To buy products and services of Raha, it requests information from customers so that it can provide its services in full security. When ordering, customer’s personal information such as address, phone number and email is required.

Since all the activities of RahaCo in the field of virtualization are legal and based on e-commerce laws, and during the purchase, an official invoice is issued, that is why it is necessary to enter the customer’s personal information such as name and national code. The e-mail address and phone numbers that the customer registers during the purchase are the only official and approved e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the customer, and all the company’s correspondence are made through them. Therefore, the inclusion of addresses, e-mails and mobile contact numbers by the customer means that they are confirmed to be correct. If the mentioned items are not entered correctly and completely, Raha company can request additional and more information from the customer to ensure the correctness and certainty of the order registration.

More communication with the customer

Raha may send e-mails or text messages to website members to keep in touch with customers and to inform them of news, services and special and new products.
If customers do not want to receive such emails and SMS, they can cancel the subscription to receive the RahaCo newsletter in their profile.
Not taking action to cancel means tacit consent to receiving emails and messages and denying the right to protest.
RahaCo may edit reviews and comments submitted by customers in line with the website’s rules.
Also, if the comment or message sent by the customer is subject to examples of criminal content, Raha can use the registered customer’s personal information for legal pursuit.
Customers, while using the services of the RahaCo website, grant the right to edit information and use them within the framework of the mentioned cases and deny the right to protest.
So, to prevent any possible abuse, customers should not disclose that information to anyone else.
In case the customer gives his mobile number to another person, in order to avoid misuse or possible problems, customers should change their mobile number in their profile and register a new number.
The responsibility for any possible damage caused by the customer’s non-compliance with the above is with the customer, and the customer waives the right to make any claims against Raha company.
We are protecting your privacy and we consider the personal identity of customers as confidential and we do not transfer the customer’s personal information to any other person or organization.

Special cases in the protection of customer privacy

We are protecting your privacy, don’t worry about your personal information.
Except in a special case, according to the judgment of the competent judicial or administrative authority or according to the common laws and regulations of the country, the company is obliged to provide the customer’s personal information to the competent authorities.
In these cases, there is no legal responsibility for compensation for RahaCo. And the customers, by expressing their consent in using the website services, have also waived the right of any objection.
If you don’t want to receive e-mails and newsletters from RahaCo. You can click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email page.
RahaCo does its best to protect and maintain customers’ information and privacy and hopes to provide a safe, comfortable and pleasant shopping experience for all of them.

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