What is the reason for the price difference of s100?

As you know, this product has a 3-year replacement warranty and a failure rate of less than 1.7% (a seven-tenths percent test means that on average less than 17 devices out of a thousand devices may fail in a 3-year period);

Therefore, the devices that are sent to the company for replacement by the customers during this warranty period,
hardware or software defects are fixed and its layer is replaced with a new one and it is relaunched on the market with a one-year warranty and without holograms (limited number).
This is a repaired product and it has no problems in terms of hardware and it can be registered unlimited in terms of software.

Using the new and advanced DDP protocol, this zero client can be the best alternative to computers.

Some features of this protocol:

    • A good and smooth photo like a normal computer
    • Support for all USB devices and equipment
    • with wireless antenna (must be purchased)
    • It has Persian and advanced VMatrix management software, which is special for this device and has great features
    • 3 years replacement warranty
    • It has many technical approvals, including technical approval from Ministry of Education of Iran

Some features of the administrative control panel:

    • Completely Persian
    • No need to have special knowledge
    • The possibility of playing desktop for all users
    • The possibility of online and simultaneous desktop monitoring of all users
    • Ability to control users’ desktops
    • Ability to assign dedicated storage space to each user
    • Ability to set specific graphic features for each user in order to optimally use hardware resources

For more information, visit the website of this company’s office in Iran: www.vCloudPoint.ir

Rahaco is the exclusive representative of the brand and vCloudPoint S-100.

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