Convert case to zero client

With the advancement of technology, old cases are no longer used as before. But the story does not end here! With the lowest cost, you can upgrade your old cases and use them again. For this, you can convert your old case to zero client. The hardware and software features of zero clients make them a great alternative to a case. If you plan to upgrade your system, just update the central server so that all zero clients are upgraded. The best part of the story is that literally any computer has the ability to become a zero client.

Considering the weak budget of schools in equipping school sites and renovation, Raha company introduces you a low-cost solution for equipping school sites!
The Zero Client product is a well-known product and there is no need to define it. To equip schools with Zero Client, you can use the following two methods!

The first method:

Buy zero client server and device. This method is not recommended due to the weak budget of schools.

The second method (Rahaco’s recommended):

Convert your worn-out cases into zero clients at a very low cost. Raha company does this with a cost of only 500 tomans and a valid warranty.
You should get a server from Rahaco, considering the power and performance requirements of zero clients, the installation and operation of these servers is completely free.
You will get the following benefits by converting case to zero client.

  • Very low cost

  • Extremely low consumption of 5W

  • no sound

  • The size and weight of a mobile phone

  • High performance with excellent graphics performance

  • No need for support

case to zeroclient
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