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Support and after-sales service are the most important department in the RahaCo, which is highly emphasized on its strength. Of course, the services are sometimes more important than the sale of goods. This is important because the satisfaction of each customer depends on the service they receive. Support and after-sales services is provided to customers in problem solving and support panels.

The difference between the support panel and the troubleshooting panel

The troubleshooting panel is for those who do not intend to use the Raha’s support panels. They want to use services when problems arise. They may not even have made a purchase from Raha company. Support panels are for those who want to benefit from more services and are accompanied by someone with sufficient knowledge and expertise. Due to the greatness of this field and arising any problems, various expertise are needed to solve problems and provide support. Considering the types of problems and the expertise required to solve them, we have considered separate panels that you can use according to your needs. By using these panels, you can have support.

List of troubleshooting panels:

By choosing one of the troubleshooting panels, you can also have a support when problems occur.

Raha me: service provided by an expert
Raha Engineer: service provided by a senior expert
Doctor: service provided by a specialist
Raha Professor: audit and consulting in all fields of IT and all services in this field

List of support panels:

Have support so that you can benefit from their knowledge and expertise when needed.

Bronze panel: support by an expert
Silver panel: support by a senior expert
Golden panel: expert support
IT unit panel: support in all fields of IT

Service description

You can read the details of support and troubleshooting panels on the homepage of the support section.

  • Server virtualization with: Xen Server, KVM, Hyper-V
  • Desktop virtualization with: VMware Horizon View , Citrix XenApp , DDP , RDP , TSPlus , 2X
  • Cloud processing and Grid Computing
  • Cluster Computing و Private Cloud و Public Cloud
  • Virtualization labs with: Oracle VM, VMware Workstation
  • Providing thin client and zero clients: PCoIP, HDX, RDP, DDP, WMPS
  • (HP , DELL , NComputing , vCloudPoint , Atrust)
  • Types of monitoring systems
  • Various VoIP solutions
  • Types of backup solutions
  • All kinds of Share Storage software and hardware solutions
  • All kinds of Microsoft and Linux services
  • ISMS information security management system audit (ISO 27001)
  • Introducing new virtualization technologies
  • Providing all kinds of valid licenses at the best price
  • Providing server and Cisco equipment
  • Types of passive services (cable, fiber, wireless, satellite)
  • Custom import of all kinds of ICT hardware at a reasonable price and in the shortest time
  • (Air, land and sea) (UAE, Europe, Turkey, China and India) (with our card or your card)
  • (0 to hundred: checking the supplier, determining the final price, remittance, adjusting the proforma and determining the HS-CODE, shipping, obtaining permits, clearance and transfer)
  • Rebranding at the source or destination

To view the panels and the price of each one, refer to the support page and contact us if you have any questions.
You can also visit the shop to view the available products.
Also, if you want to use the support panel discounts, please call +9802154521.

Have a support

RahaCo has made an effort to satisfy its customers.
The right and opportune support can increase customer satisfaction.
Support is one of the issues that can have a direct impact on customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
What is proper and timely support?
When a company can have a timely and effective communication with the user, it can be said that the support has been done correctly.
We use the ticketing system to increase this communication and speed up responses, problem solving, etc.
This system provides many facilities to you, so that you can easily communicate with us.
Using this system, you can use Raha’s supports in a different way.


Definition of ticketing system

The mechanized system of communicating with customers through a ticket is a service that took into account past failures and became one of the most popular Helpdesk systems in a short period of time.
Ticketing system operation: this service is designed in such a way that the user gets the answer in the shortest possible time and clicks or sends his request to the relevant department, the web environment of sending a request or ticket and receiving an answer in the same way.

Advantages of using the ticketing system

It also allows the customer to track their orders or requests anywhere in the world with access to the Internet.
Using this system, the user can send us their requests in the form of a ticket and receive their response in the shortest possible time.
This system increases the speed of customer communication in such a way that most of the time after sending a ticket by the customer, the experts are online and the response to the customer is sent in a few seconds. If the expert is not online at that time, after a very short period, usually a few minutes the answer will be sent to you in the form of a ticket.
Another advantage of using a support ticket is that the user’s requests and communications with the expert are all saved in the user’s archive after each ticket service. And the user can refer to it again if needed, or if the user is dissatisfied with the support, he/she can provide the relevant file to the company.
One of the important and practical advantages that the use of the ticketing system provides to the user is that the user can specify the degree of importance when sending a ticket.
Severity means that the user can specify when submitting a ticket that they need an immediate response.
The method of determining the degree of importance is that when sending a ticket, the customer or user specifies the degree of importance of the sent content so that the process of responding to it is done faster.
You can use this system to remove all orders, invoices, purchases and everything you have done in the past. We hope we could increase your satisfaction.

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