What services does Rahaco provide?

Rahaco has divided its services into different sections, which we will briefly describe for you.

Part I) Virtualization services

Virtualization and its importance are not hidden and by using virtualization services, significant changes are made in your work system.
Virtualization services include the following four items:

  • server-virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • network virtualization
  • VDI

The second part) solutions

Rahaco can provide a solution tailored to the needs of all types of small and large businesses.

Third part) secure remote work system

In many companies, there are cases and conditions where it is necessary for some people of a group or in certain circumstances more and even all people to do their work outside of the group.
In this situation, control and monitoring is very important. By using a secure remote work system, you can eliminate these concerns and provide ideal conditions.

What products does Rahaco sell?

The main activity of Rahaco is related to the sale of minicomputers. There are different types of mini computers, the most important of which are known as thin client and zero client.
Thin clients and zero clients can replace a normal case and give different users more features than a case.
Also, another product that Rahaco has focused on is Aster software.

Aster software has different versions that by installing it on a normal case and also on minicomputers, it allows several users to use the same case at the same time.
You can read the details about each item on its respective page to get more information and to know its exact features and benefits.

How is the support in Rahaco?

This field is very broad and can solve many problems that are in the way of individuals, organizations and companies.
According to our many years of knowledge and experience in this field, we provide our support in two types of panels to support and guide and help you.

The first panel type is the troubleshooting panel and the second type is the support panel.

These panels are placed in different categories according to different needs, which we briefly describe.

Troubleshooting Panels Types:

  1. Raha me: Troubleshooting for all expert services
  2. Raha Engineer: Problem solving for all senior expert services
  3. Raha Doctor: problem solving for all specialist services
  4. Raha Professor: audit and consulting in all areas of the IT field, all services in the IT field

Support Panels Types:

  1. Bronze panel: all expert services
  2. Silver panel: all senior expert services
  3. Golden panel: all expert services
  4. IT department panel: all IT services

To know the details of each panel, refer to the corresponding page.

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