Virtualization insurance solution

In this solution, after many hours of needs assessment in the form of specialized meetings and various pilots for several insurance organizations at the line and headquarters level, solutions have been prepared in the form of the following packages that are suitable for the needs of the country’s insurance industry. Certainly, your opinions can be effective in optimizing the solutions.

The best virtualization solution for the insurance industry

First of all, it should be noted that all the solutions that are presented do not require implementation for the entire organization or branch, but they can be implemented in the following ways:

For any user whose computer needs to be replaced or upgraded (replacing a computer with a VDI zero client or DDP – which will be fully introduced below).
We collect the computers of a group of users to send to other units and we use the following solutions for them.
Consider the following example:
There are always frequent requests from different parts of the organization to supply computers, for example: we can replace the computers in the secretariat department with Zero Client in less than a day and send the them to their requesting units. And in this way, gradually with the end of the hardware lifespan of each computer (within a period of 4 years), replace them with the Zero Client system.

Pay attention to the figure above. First, we will examine and review the common concerns of this industry in order of priority:

Expensive computer hardware service (branches)
Software service and complex software updating (branches)
Lack of bandwidth to use all kinds of programs in the form of web and WAN services (branches)
The need for acceptable hardware resources and servers on the branch side in all kinds of available solutions (branches)
Weak information security (the complexity of the monitoring and control process) (branches and organizations)
The high cost of buying, renewing and upgrading computers (branches and organizations)
Low stability of computers (virus infection, operating system, etc.) (branches and organizations)
The lack of acceptance and resistance of users towards all kinds of alternative computer solutions and devices (branches and organizations)
Lack of expert staff in branches and making the above problems more complicated (branches)

Therefore, considering the above problems with this prioritization, the following solutions have been set.Obviously, by changing the above items and prioritizing them, the following solutions can be optimized:
We introduce the solutions on both sides of the branch and the organization, and the questions raised during the meetings have been addressed in the form of questions and answers in the text of each solution:

Virtualization insurance solution

In other words, this solution will not be economically justified for companies of less than 20 users, because the following items are required (but it has special and attractive features that we will examine further):

  • Having at least one server (or several servers to fully implement the features) to run the virtual platform

  • On the user side, we need a PC or thin client or VDI zero client, which the most optimal use is VDI zero clients.

  • Knowledge of server and desktop virtualization required for setup and support

In general, there are four operation methods in this protocol

Each virtual machine can only be assigned to one user
Windows created a server as a remote server and after making the relevant settings (Terminal Service) distributed it to the users (RDSH) in such a way that we can give the users a desktop session from the same machine.
We introduce a template with all the programs we want on it for the system of any operating system, and it is the system that intelligently provides a copy of that template to every user who logs in.
We only provide the necessary programs to each user in a specific environment and do not provide the desktop environment to users (click for more details in the topic of virtualization)

Pay attention to the following figure (related to PCoIP):

Advantages of using this solution:

Easy management.
High stability.
Reduce maintenance and support costs.
Centralized management from one place (ease of service from the headquarters to the queue).
Using low-cost Zero Client devices.
No software dependency (Microsoft, Apple, Android).
Easy to upgrade software and hardware and low bandwidth consumption (suitable for use in WAN).


These products belong to the most prominent companies in the field of virtualization and have no technical defects, and if they are found, they will be fixed in software updates, so the disadvantages of this solution are those that are optimal or affordable compared to other solutions, which we mention below:

Virtualization insurance solution for administrative and organizational groups is perfect!

For more information about the types of choices for the client and to compare and check them, refer to the section on choosing the right option for users. (click)

RahaCo, step by step with you (advice, training, supply)

This solution is a desktop virtualization solution and is suitable for all small-sized administrative and organizational sets (due to the high bandwidth consumption of the RDP protocol).

  • Regardless of the virtualization platform (as long as it is used in the virtualization platform, server virtualization capabilities will be added to it)

  • Regardless of the type of use (even for heavy and professional use, it is one of the best options)

This is the remote desktop protocol of Microsoft.

In this solution, we provide one or more hosts (operating system) to all or a group of users, which can:

Any version of Windows operating system (XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2008R2, 2012R2, 2016R2 – 32&64Bit).
be physical or virtual.
virtual on any platform (VMware, Citrix, …).
A template in Horizon.
It can be a PC desktop!

Advantages of RDP protocol:

Shared use of a set of hardware
The possibility of using all the advantages of server virtualization (HA, BC, …)
Simplified implementation
Simplified support
Possibility to combine with all desktop and server virtualization solutions
The possibility of assigning the server application to users who get their Windows session from the host of this solution.
No need for special knowledge in implementation (suitable for queue (branch))
Eliminating the requirement of having a server and providing appropriate server services
The quality of use is almost the same as a normal computer
Economically affordable (the price of each client device is between 200 and 400 tomans)
Appropriate information security


High bandwidth usage (4Mb for each user)
It requires more hardware resources than other solutions.

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