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RahaCo is ready to provide consulting, monitoring, training, supply, implementation, troubleshooting, standardization and maintenance services in the field of information technology.
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Information security

Information is power.
What have you done to maintain the strength of your collection? To maintain the security of information and resources of the organization, you should benefit from the most secure services and systems. In addition to creating security for your information, computer systems and servers must be strategic and able to provide simple and practical answers to your problems. The security and strategy packages that RahaCo introduces are not just a simple demo of a system, but are completely customized based on your needs and will be suitable for your work.


Who support you?
What do you do when you have a problem? What if you can’t solve your problem quickly? Be free with RahaCo support. Leave all your IT issues to RahaCo without worry and get to your business. RahaCo provides a suitable support panel for services for any need, in any size and budget. For customers who do not need support and only need cooperation for the problem, we provide them with various troubleshooting panels, taking into account the level of expertise of each problem.


Virtualization is an inevitable choice
Server, desktop, application, network and storage virtualization. Virtualization in each of the mentioned levels brings a reduction in noise and energy consumption and an increase in efficiency and stability.
Virtualization has many advantages for you, the most important of which is providing information security in the best way.

Organizational phone

Fast communication, efficiency growth
How do you communicate with your colleagues and customers? VoIP is a type of telephone communication that has digital quality sound compared to analog. The voice transmission system in a normal telephone is analog. But in VoIP, this voice transmission becomes a digital system and is transmitted over the network. With VoIP, you can have all the features in one place and easily adjust it according to your needs at any time through an integrated management system.


A careful observer is always needed to solve problems before they become serious.
What happens if there is no supervision?
Monitoring is a system monitoring process. For hardware and software that must always function correctly and their stability is important, monitoring is an inevitable choice. This monitoring should be on all elements of the network so that it can be considered a precise monitoring and decisions can be made according to its reports. For more information about these services of RahaCo, please contact us.

remote work system

Remote means the future and remote work is the future of occupation.
With the development of IT infrastructure, every employer prefers to make the most of better workforce, with lower cost and in less physical space. In this valuable equation, the physical presence of manpower in the organization is not necessary. The result of removing this restriction will be more satisfaction for the personnel and employer, lower cost for the organization and higher speed and quality in performing organizational tasks and many other things.